Hermione Gingold As Evita????

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The role of Evita Peron has appealed through the years to grand divas like Patti LuPone, Faye Dunaway, Madonna, and that Argentinian woman from last year.

But did you know that froggy-voiced, bulging-eyed British vaudeville entertainer slash actress Hermione Gingold sort of had a shot at it?

Thanks to Vodka Stinger, the long reigning drag star of the Village bar Pieces, we've found this clip of Hermione singing "I'd be Surprisingly Good For You" to Merv Griffin on Merv's chat show.

Don't laugh--the song is surprisingly good for her.

(Much better than the ditty on her Pina Colada commercial.)

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Disgusting action by The Village Voice. The Right Wing is here to stay. Avoid this paper from now on if you have any feelings for freedom as opposed to fascism.


The Village Voice today completed its protracted suicide with the firings of Michael Musto, Robert Sietsema and Michael Feingold.