I Was Namechecked On Smash!

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On Saturday night's airing of the NBC show about Broadway, Ivy (Megan Hilty's character) made mention of a blind item a certain Michael Musto allegedly wrote in the Voice! She's freaking out about it!

And Vulture's Rachel Shukert wrote her own take on that.

So that's two mentions! And lots of Twitter/Facebook action too, so thank you, Smash!

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Just watched the episode on my DVR. LOVE the blind item plot point and that fact that you are now just "Musto", reminded me when influential columnists were only referred to by their last name. Congrats, it made the show much more real and believable with your name included. Although I am  a devoted  fan of SMASH,  it seems to have sunk to daytime soap level writing and directing.


You weren't just mentioned, you were a major plot point!

I had visions of you appearing on the show, perhaps consoling Jeremy Jordan on the death of his cute li'l partner.

Now I hear that "SMASH!" has been canceled. Doesn't NBC or its parent company  know about the huge musical theater audience, with deep pockets to afford the tickets? Prime consumers, sez I!