Let Me Get One Thing Straight About The Gays

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There's controversy about there being a gay guy in major league sports? But there have always been gays in major league sports.

There's hoopla about whether gays can be in the military or the Boy Scouts? But gays have always been in the military and the Boy Scouts.

There are arguments about whether gays can be in a long-term relationship? But gays have always been in a long-term relationship.

In fact, there have always been gays everywhere and there always will be! You can fight it all you want, but they will always exist in every crevice of society, being gay and doing all the same things everyone else does.

Oh, you mean the conflict is over whether all those gays should be able to say they're gay?

Give me a fucking break. What a joke. End of argument.

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Note the increase in "Why do I have to hear about someone's sex life?" and "You're shoving gay in my face!" comments on the Internet.

Translated, the haters are mad that society is increasingly becoming more comfortable accepting gays and gay marriage. 


And chances are that your favorite teacher was  gay.

And chances are that he/she was the one who DIDN'T molest you!

Although there were a couple I wish had.