"Pornography Does Violence To The Human Spirit..."

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"And in its effort to display human sexuality openly, pornography perverts it.

"Pornography destroys families and relationships and lives.

"Far from being a victimless act, pornography victimizes every single human being involved."

So said retiring porn star Jake Genesis in a strong, stern rebuke to the industry, which was the buzz of the fluffer-nutter crowd when he stopped putting stuff in his mouth and started letting thoughts out of it instead.

And having just caught up with Jake's remarks, I have to say:

Please! Lighten the f**k up, honey!

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Genesis is in the middle of a massive Catholic guilt fueled hissyfit. There is nothing remarkable about sex shame or guilt or trying to tell other people what to do. I'm surprised he hasn't come out ex-gay.

His full screed is full of theocrazy.


Michael Musto, you speak with gusto...but rarely have much to say. 


Maybe he can go back to school and get an MTA: Masters in Tampon Administration!

SavannahMontgomery like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

I feel for him having "just woke up" to the industry and all and glad he did...that being said, most of us consumers realize that porn ain't "real life" and that's part of the attraction...we want what we will never get (most times) and when we do, we realize it was fun for the "moment" (that's why the baths were so popular!) and let it go.

But he needs the catharsis so let him have it...it serves a purpose for all the internet young'uns craving "stardom".