Two Things I've Noticed About People Who Scream Homophobic Things From Cars

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It doesn't happen very often these days--maybe once a year--but I've noticed that when someone does let an epithet rip out of their car window, there are generally two fascinating things about them:

(1) The license plate isn't from New York City.

(2) You see them lurking at a gay bar later that night.


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Stevart topcommenter

It's a lot better than having a-holes toss IEDs at you.  "Stick 'n' stones..."  It's only going to get A LOT worse, Musto.   


That's where smartphones are handy. You snap a pic of their plate and have them ticketed for disturbing the peace. It's called out assholing the asshole.


Michael, Knuckleheads yell shit at people whatever their sexual orientation. Years ago my brother, his girlfriend, and and I were standing in front of St. Stanislav's in Greenpoint waiting for a bus early on a Sunday morning. A black Lincoln rolled up in front of us, rolled down the window, and we got hit with a wave of alcohol fumes. A beefy blonde Polish guy in a stained tuxedo looked out at my brother, who had shoulder length hair and a Salvador Dali mustache, and said "Vat do you tink dis iss, a fucking circus? Get a haircut or we ve vill fuck you up," My bro lived about 3 blocks away. Oh, New York plates, by the way.


Correct response: "Don't be jealous!"