Look At Me Looking At Pamela Lee! NSFW

Categories: Art

Photo by Brian Christopher Cummings
I've never been so close to a woman's private parts than the other night, when Brian Christopher Cummings photographed me looking piqued by the above Sante D'Orazio grid of images of the sumptuous Pamela Lee.

It was a reception and private viewing at Christie's for "The deLIGHTed Eye, Modernist Masterworks from a Private Collection" and exhibition of "Sante D'Orazio Photographs" April 1, 2013 Rockefeller Center.

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Hitler's Art Works: What Do You Think?

Categories: Art

Adolph Hitler dabbled in art, sort of like John Wayne Gacy and Elke Sommer.

Between political rallies, he probably invited many a young fraulein to come up and see his etchings.

Check out the fuhrer's body of work and see what you think.

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The World's Largest Phallus

Categories: Art

Miami Beach, March 2006 008.jpg
No, it's not Liam Neeson's.

It's the gigantic Swarovksi golden penis that's firmly lodged in the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami's South Beach, where people line up to admire it, stroke it, and even pose with it.

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The Catholic League Responds To My Obama Bobblehead Writeup

Categories: Art

Earlier today, I posted Catholic League irritant Bill Donohue's video in which he blew steam about the resurrection of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ work, which is being shown in a NYC gallery.

I talked about how, in the video, Donohue unveiled his own master opus, a bobblehead of President Obama steeped in cocky doody--though Donohue wussed out, only managing to place the doll in brown Play-Doh.

Well, a rep from the League quickly struck back at me with this blistering email:

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Catholic Blowhard Puts Obama Bobblehead In Feces!

Categories: Art

And he's such a wuss he didn't even put it in real feces.

Let me explain.

Andres Serrano's famous "Piss Christ"--a photo of a crucifix submerged in urine--is making a comeback, much like Christ himself did.

It's showing at the Edward Tyler Nahem gallery at 37 West 57th.

So Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue has put out a video whereby he attacks the horror of this second coming, especially since it's not being shown in "a dump" in gayish places like Soho, Chelsea, or the Village, where he could just ignore it, but it'll be put in respectable people's faces in a nice neighborhood!

As if someone will be standing in midtown holding a gun and forcing Christians to go into the gallery and look at it!

And that's not the end of Donohue's critique.

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Courtney Love's C-Word Dress on Display

Categories: Art

Courtney Love's art show at Fred Torres Collaborations--called "And She's Not Even Pretty"--has messages that are really easy to gauge, mainly because they're pretty much spelled out on the work.

The above c-word dress blithely states, "Not my cunt on my dime mister."

(It's an outfit we can all relate to--one that's basically saying: "Want my stuff? Then you'll have to pay for it, honey.")

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H&M Swears They Didn't Steal Artist's Work!

Categories: Art


Tori LaConsay painted an uplifting sign to cheer up her fellow East Atlanta Village residents on their way to work.

In black stick lettering against a white backdrop, it says, "You Look Nice Today." It's accompanied by a simple red heart looming right below the saying.

Next thing you know, Tori is being told by friends that H&M UK has used that same motif for pillowcases, guest towels, doormats, and all kinds of stuff.

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I'm The Star Of A Surrealist Art Collage

Categories: Art


Artist Stephania Gambaroff put together this trippy and remarkable work that has me riding a pig, flanked by a lady on a horse, Godiva-style, as well as various flowers, jewels, checkerboards, and nipples.

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Two Gobs And a Goy

Categories: Art

Daniel Gettleman

No, I don't wear that red gingham shirt every night, in case you're wondering.

I just happened to go to a lot of places the night I had it on.

So after sweeping into that perfume launch, where I had the red gingham gang bang, I dropped by the Museum of Sex's opening for their "Obscene Diary" show.

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An "Accurately Jewish Looking" Jesus

Categories: Art


Jesus has traditionally been represented as a sort of doe-eyed Abercrombie & Fitch model, but it turns out Rembrandt had a different idea.

An upcoming exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art called "Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus" will show the Dutch artist striving for a more historical perspective.

As a curator told us at a Lotos Club luncheon the other day, Rembrandt's representations of Jesus are "very human, accurately Jewish-looking, and full of power."


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