I'm Heavily Featured In A New Book of Wonder!

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The World of Wonder has gotten even more wondrous with their new book, The World According To Wonder, featuring photos by Idris + Tony.

W.O.W. is the production company headed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato who've done hot-button documentaries, reality shows, and other projects, tracking everything from Tammy Faye Bakker to Deep Throat--yes, those were two different things--in addition to currently producing RuPaul's Drag Race.

And get a load of me in the book!

Above, I'm a head in a bottle--a real specimen, I guess.

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The People Who Read The Most In America Are....

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Young people!

Everyone always complains that "The new generation has no idea how to read blah blah, and they've lost out on a treasured art form blah blah," but it turns out that's not so at all.

According to a new survey, the most likely book readers in America are high school students, college-age adults, and people in their 30s.

In other words, young people!

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Get Ready For Bi-Curious George

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Curious George was always such a cutely frisky creature, yet so maddeningly asexual.

Well, now there's Bi-Curious George, an unauthorized book parody by Andrew Simonian (which sounds strangely like Andrew Simian), and that's all been rectum-fied.

In this version, George is straight but curious, getting all excited when spotting a man with a purple beret on.

The man gets hot too, suddenly craving some full-throttle monkey love.

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Harry Potter Author's New Book Is Wildly Dirty!

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JK Rowling's first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, is like a chamber of secrets unleashed in a goblet of fire.

It's outrageous and dark and shocking and filthy and I'm loving hearing about it!

As described in this report:

"One teenager cuts herself to relieve her misery, another commits suicide.

"Online pornography is described in gynecological detail.

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I Want A Vagina!

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Is that too much to ask?

I'm craving a big, heavy one, even if it's been pored over and fingered a bit.

I'll take one that's worn out, dog-eared, and rummaged through, as long as it's still usable.

I'm talking about Vagina: A New Biography, the current work by Naomi Wolf, author of 1991's The Beauty Myth.

This review says that Woolf not only delves into the "profound brain-vagina connection," she discusses whether the vagina should be the preferable seat of power.

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"A Lush, Decadent, And Erotically-Charged Adventure"! NSFW

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That's the official description of a new book, which is my kind of literature.

You've heard of Motel Hell?

Well, this is the opposite.

Here's the description of Motel/Hotel:

"Photographer Kevin McDermott spent two days and nights with model/designer Todd Sanfield;

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I'm Now An Ebook!

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Or more precisely, my book is now an e-book!

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly get any more cutting edge, my raucously stimulating collection, Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back -- which came out to huzzahs last fall, I swear -- has just gone viral on Amazon.

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Courtney Love In a Holocaust Movie?

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She's working on it!

I found that out in Maer Roshan's book Courtney Comes Clean: The High Life and Dark Depths of Music's Most Controversial Icon, a breezily arresting read full of snappy dialogue between himself and the woman he found both "exhilarating and exhausting."

Among the dizzying highlights, Love talks about:

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Snooki's Ode To Pickles

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You heard me.

Well, I guess she knew that "Ode on a Grecian Urn" was already written, so she stuck with what she knows.

This is from the Jersey Shore star's new book, Confessions of a Guidette:

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Look What My Book Is Next To In The Window

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I want to personally thank St. Mark's Bookshop for knowing exactly where to position my new book in their window.

It's right next to ...

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