Anne Hathaway Would Have Been Perfect For Cabaret

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Yesterday, it was announced in a British paper that Oscar winner Anne Hathaway would be Sally Bowles in a Broadway revival of Cabaret, costarring Alan Cumming as the MC, the role he played last time around.

Theater queens rejoiced in the street while singing "Tomorrow Belongs To Me," but it turned out not to be true. Hathaway's publicist said the story was purely fictional--as much so as Sally's wide-eyed, big-lashed dreams of superstardom, I suppose.

And that just sucks.

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The Anne Hathaway Hate Is Dwindling

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There was a growing anti-Anne Hathaway sentiment on the part of the bitchy (and often accurate) people who populate the gossip boards in the last several months.

They felt her Les Miz performance was a little too conscious of its own power, and started resenting the tour-de-force of a cute person suffering so indulgently while singing, crying, and aiming for the gold.

And her Golden Globes acceptance speech was deemed a little too cute, in the manner of the high school girl you hated who was keenly aware of her own adorableness and always grabbed the mic for one more thank you.

But Anne seems to have had some coaching since then.

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I Talked Oscars on CNN This Morning


And here are some saucy samplings of what I said.

About Melissa Leo's F-word:

"It was in keeping with her character in The Fighter. And it was the only sign of life all night. It's just sad that it was the highlight of the whole telecast and you couldn't hear it! You had to read her lips!"

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James Franco and Anne Hathaway: Great Oscar Hosts?

franco 127.jpg
I was just on Judith Regan's show on Sirius radio when my husbear Bruce Vilanch phoned in and revealed that he'll again be writing the jokes for the Oscar telecast.

Vilanch said he recently met with first-time hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway to see how to optimize their presence on the show, "because they're not standup comics and they're not Hugh Jackman--though they both have talent in that area."

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Which "Disease Movie" Makes You Cry the Hardest?


Love & Other Drugs has Jake Gyllenhaal falling for Parkinson's sufferer Anne Hathaway, his once-callow personality tested by the possible commitment to a challenging situation.

But this being Hollywood, Hathaway's character is only in Phase One of the illness. In other words, her hands shake a little on occasion, and that's about the extent of it!

She's gorgeously composed except for a slight hand tremor!

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Who's Your Favorite Funny Lady in Films?

tina fey-thumb-492x371.jpg
Today, that is. (Spare me votes for Carole Lombard).

Your choices are:

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Anne Hathaway vs. Amy Adams

Gosh, I hate to pit actors aganst each other, especially when show biz is so competitive to begin with and they probably have to grab scripts out of each others' hands with sharpened talons on a regular basis.

But what the fuck: Anne Hathaway or Amy Adams. Which one is better, brighter, and more deserving of the term "America's sweetheart"?

Both have sung, both have worked with Meryl, and both have been Oscar nominated (Amy's two for supporting add up to Anne's one for lead). And they seem to be up for the same type of mildly neurotic yet lovable girls next door with an edge and a boyfriend.

I'll go with Anne. She has an extra pinch of cuteness and she has the same name as Shakespeare's wife. You?

Anne Hathaway Presenting at the Village Voice Obie Awards!

Did you see Saturday's Page Six? It reported that Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway is going to be a presenter at our very own Obie awards for off- and off-off-Broadway on Monday May 18! This is extremely exciting news, and I've already gotten over the fact that it will probably get more attention than the fact that I'm hosting the after-event.

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