Ellen Just Turned 55! Here Are 55 Reasons Why We Love Her

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HuffPo has come up with a list as long as Ellen DeGeneres's life, and it's pretty lovely stuff.

For example:

She's always early.

She doesn't think humor should be mean.

She did the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo.

She came out.

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"That's So Gay!"

I was the first one to lambast this expression some years ago, a phrase which is used to denote something tacky, sad, awful, and tasteless.

I thought the phrase itself was appalling, and couldn't believe it was being used by people who would surely never have the nerve to publicly say things like "That's so black!" or "That's so Jew!"

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Was Ellen Axed?

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I'm a little bit suspicious whenever I hear of someone stepping down from a lucrative TV job.

I always question the truth behind someone saying "This wasn't the right fit" as they exit a big paycheck that puts their face out to kazillions of people on a weekly basis.

I mean, did anyone really believe Kathie Lee stepped down from her show with Regis because she wanted to focus more on her singing?

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GLAAD Disses Ellen DeGeneres With Ill-Advised Remarks

The LGBT watchdog group GLAAD does a lot of good work, but sometimes they drop the gay ball and embarrass us big time.

I recently wrote about how they tried to pull the movie Ticked-off Trannies With Knives from the Tribeca Film Festival, partly because it didn't depict the kind of tasteful transsexuals they like to see shown--even though the characters were lovable, funny, and waged a fearless war against transphobia! GLAAD found them more like drag queens, which I guess are still the Rosa Parkses of the gay community, no matter how many advances they make in the mainstream media.

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Thank You, Out Celebs!

I've spent so much energy all these years railing at celebrities who cower in the closet that it's important I take a step back once in a while and throw some bouquets at the ones who actually opened the door and did us proud.

So thank you, out celebs!

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Ellen Replaces Paula Abdul on Idol

So they ignored all our suggestions--LaToya Jackson, Abe Vigoda, and so on--and went with Ellen DeGeneres to fill in the woozy dormouse slot on the American Idol panel, formerly occupied by "Straight Up" star Paula Abdul and her morphine patch scar.

But I think this is a good thing! Ellen will be positive and friendly like Paula--whom I liked--but she'll also add some zingy energy (though I pray she doesn't do that infernal dance of hers).

What's more, there will finally be an OUT gay in the show's cast of regulars! Yay!