Fran Lebowitz Doesn't Love Hugh Jackman

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Photo by David Shankbone/Wikipedia
Last night, eternal wit Fran Lebowitz was quizzed by Wickham Boyle (and audience members asking their own questions) in the Surrey Hotel's Presidential suite as the centerpiece of a salon hosted by Watch! magazine.

At one point, Lebowitz was asked what she thinks of Hugh Jackman.

She didn't pause before answering:

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How Much Innuendo Can You Read Into This One Celebrity Item?

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And it goes something like this:

"Hugh Jackman is a big-time Hollywood star who we're assuming NEVER gets starstruck, because he's the one doing the star-striking (Is that a word? Nevermind) but there is one A-lister who had Hugh a little tongue-tied.

"Yesterday at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles, Hollyscoop asked Hugh which fellow actor has him starstruck and he told us, 'John Travolta.'

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Hugh Jackman Gushes About His Family

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On the Tony Awards the other night, Hugh Jackman dropped the camping and gay jokes and made a big show out of professing love--on camera--for his wife, who was there to present him with an honor.

The whole thing seemed very calculated to get the straight word out.

Did you buy it?

Well, as background, here's what Hugh has to say about his wonderful family--to a magazine.

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Hugh Jackman Kisses A Woman Who's Not His Wife!

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Relax. It was a peck on the cheek for Theater Talk co-host Susan Haskins upon filming the long-running weekly TV show.

And the whole interview was a dream, apparently.

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Hugh Jackman Beach Workout Pix. You're Welcome.

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Lord knows whenever I work out, I run around in my swimsuit all along Bondi beach in Australia as a photographer captures the action.

And I'm pleased to know I'm not alone in this rigorous routine.

Apparently the ageless and sinewy Hugh Jackman does the very same thing!

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Guess Who Barbra's Considered To Play Herbie in Gypsy?

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She's even talked to him about it!

Hugh Jackman!

That's a long stretch from the kvetchy Jack Klugman in the original show and pinched-faced Karl Malden in the movie.

And as our friends at point out, it would make the character of Rose a big-time cougar (not just a barracuda).

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How To Get Hugh Jackman To Talk To You

That's easy! Simply leave your cell phone on during a performance of A Steady Rain, and when it rings during a particularly tense moment onstage, sit back and don't turn it off. That's what went on last week when Hugh broke character and advised the offending person to silence the gadget already, to audience cheers and bravos.

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Hugh Jackman vs. Daniel Craig!

Which one's hotter, better, straighter? CLICK here for the new column and read my capsule review of their new dramatic pas de deux, Broadway's A Steady Rain, which everyone's watching with their tongues out.

Also find out about:

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A Hugh Jackman Sexuality Update

Dennard Vinson
If the Wolverine star is really straight, then he's a super cool guy who plays around with the rumors and has even said there's nothing wrong with being gay and people can think whatever they want.

If he's really gay, then he's a fool, an a-hole, and a traitor who parades around his wife and kid for the cameras, living a lie while milking the gay rumors for sensational interest.

So which is he--a brave hero or a monstrous wuss?