Hot Photo Of James Franco And I Last Night

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I went bar hopping dressed like a pretty, young girl, and was thrilled to run into the sexy, gay-friendly movie star, especially when he started chatting me up while caressing me with his bedroom eyes. Bingo--he was totally fooled! He didn't even notice the slight moustache and bulging tummy!

And I managed to get him home, strip him down to just a bow tie and a thong, and tie him to the bedposts.

And then the fun began.

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James Franco's Greatest Shirtless Photos Ever

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There are a lot to choose from, but these are the most powerful--from the semi-drag ones to the nipple closeups to the underwater one and beyond.

I even threw in an extra one (the above photo where the bow tie makes Jimmy look a tad overdressed, I fear).

Not for nothing is he the Great and Powerful Bod.

A Scene From James Franco's Newest Gay Sex Film

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I told you about Interior. Leather Bar., the short Sundance Film Festival attraction--co-directed by and costarring James Franco--in which lost footage from the controversial 1980 film Cruising is reimagined.

Well, Franco delivers again.

After observing some light bondage and light moaning, he--playing a version of himself--talks about the restrictive way show biz always presents straight sex as the norm, adding that while they're all too willing to portray people getting killed, they always refrain from depicting gay sex because it's supposedly too distasteful.

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James Franco Is Working On A Whole New "Homo-Sex-Art Film"

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The gayest straight man in history--or maybe the straightest gay man--James Franco has a delightful taste for the homo-sexy-arty.

There was his short film The Feast of Stephen, a controversial melange of gang banging and desire that was a far cry from the typical student project, thank you.

Let's not forget the gayest biopic ever made, Milk.

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James Franco Picks Up Sailors In His New Film

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The ever adventurous James Franco has written, directed, and starred in a real-life story in which he drinks, has sex with sailors, gets violent, and -- here's the real shock -- has sex with a woman!

It's his NYU thesis film, The Broken Tower, which will open at the IFC Center on April 27.

Jimmy plays American poet Hart Crane, who was as brilliant as John O'Hara and as self-destructive as Neely O'Hara.

Says the release:

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James Franco's Bare Ass! Photo Below!

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This is in the newest Flaunt magazine.

If you've got it, flaunt it.

And baby, James Franco has got it.

I could look at this for, I don't know, 127 hours.

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James Franco Doesn't Look At People

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Hollywood hottie James Franco looks down a lot when talking to reporters, according to a friend of mine in the biz.

The star of the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes and upcoming biopics about gay icons Hart Crane and Sal Mineo, Franco gets a little shy when answering questions and doesn't always make eye contact (though his answers are generally elaborate and articulate).

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James Franco As John "Junior" Gotti?

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It could happen, even though John"Junior" Gotti himself doesn't know anything about Franco!

According to the New York Post, a movie is being readied for 2013, with John Travolta as Gotti Sr., and director Nick Cassavetes apparently wants Franco for the offspring.

(Well, after hosting the Oscars, some light mafioso action would be an absolute breeze.)

And how does Junior feel about this?

"To be honest, I'm not familliar with James Franco or his work," admitted Junior, who's now officially an ex gangster, by the way.

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I Talked Oscars on CNN This Morning


And here are some saucy samplings of what I said.

About Melissa Leo's F-word:

"It was in keeping with her character in The Fighter. And it was the only sign of life all night. It's just sad that it was the highlight of the whole telecast and you couldn't hear it! You had to read her lips!"

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Three's Company With James Franco?

Ok, get this, kids.

The worst sitcom ever -- except for My Mother The Car -- has become James Franco's obsession to the point where he's threatening to take it to the stage and/or big screen.

You see, Franco just did a Three's Company-related art installation, and the original show's creators were impressed with the seriousness of his vision.

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