Travolta's Ex Pilot Tells All!

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Amidst an avalanche of other claims, Doug Gotterba has now come forward to The National Enquirer and told his side of things:

How he met John Travolta in 1981 when he was hired as a pilot.

How the relationship took off into the stratosphere and became sexual after a simple massage!!!!

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Rashida Jones Takes Back Her Travolta Remark

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Yesterday, I gleefully reported that actor/writer Rashida Jones had spoken her mind in an on-the-record chat for a website and said it would be great if John Travolta finally came out.

I was sure she'd have to "apologize" for such honesty because nowadays, if a star says something they really mean, they're immediately pressured to take it back so they don't make waves that could hurt their career.

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John Travolta, Buy Tomorrow's Enquirer!

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No really, hon, pick up a copy.

You're going to want to read it.

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Travolta Sued by Male Massager! Here's the Animation!

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A masseur has sued John Travolta for sexual harassment, claiming all sorts of things that are best summed up in this eye-popping bit of Taiwanese animation (with subtitles, thankfully).

It's racy stuff, positively brimming with pulpy friction, but I actually feel Travolta will be thrilled.

They made him look really thin!

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Travolta Brave in the Face of Outing Story

John Travolta and Kelly Preston in Ollivanders.jpg
The Enquirer's current cover story claims that John Travolta has long cheated on wife Kelly Preston by fiddling with men in saunas.

So how does the inspiring couple respond?

By posing for p.r. photos at Universal Orlando Resort's The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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John Travolta "Bearding" Dish From The '70s

Party Animals, Robert Hofler's excellent new book about flamboyant '70s producer Alan Carr, is chock full of info and insights.

Grab a copy and you'll learn how:

*Bette Midler refused to be an Oscar presenter after not getting nominated for "her over-the-top performance" in Beaches

*Novice director Nancy Walker messed up the Village People movie Can't Stop The Music by telling Valerie Perrine to stop talking during filming. Perrine informed Walker that it was her scene and she was acting! The starlet got Walker axed.

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