Judy Garland Rehearsal Footage--No Makeup!

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Hollywood Palace - 1966.png
Here's Judy WITH makeup. But just you wait.
This is an astounding clip that alternates between Judy Garland singing "What The World Needs Now" on the TV show show Hollywood Palace in 1966 and her rehearsal footage of the same song, done without makeup, costume, or smiles.

Show biz is amazing--and so was Judy.

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Broadway's Judy Garland On Not Getting The Tony

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I MC'd a Talkback after last night's performance of End of the Rainbow, in which Tracie Bennett gives a volcanically energetic performance as declining legend Judy Garland.

And as herself, Tracie was raw, insightful, and very funny.

When asked about her career, she joked, "I started as a hooker!"

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The Real Wizard Of Oz Crew! Amazing Photo

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Here's the eye-popping cast of the mini Wiz sketches we did last week at Justin Sayre's Night of 1000 Judys, a benefit for the Ali Forney Center.

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I Was The Tin Man Last Night

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Da Musto, DeBarge, de Haas

Playwrights Horizons was filled to capacity for The Night of 1000 Judys, a combo concert/comedy show benefiting the Ali Forney Center.

Host Justin Sayre--who's sort of Oscar Wilde meets Whoopi Goldberg--was hilarious, with his offhand monologues about the need for Judy Garland worship (and any other topic that popped into his fertile mind).

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Happy Birthday, Judy! Night of 1000 Judys' Final Cast List

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The late Judy Garland would have turned 90 yesterday, so Liza Minnelli sent out a message:

"Today is a day for celebration. We celebrate the privilege of having had Mama touch all of our lives. She left us with so many feelings we never would have discovered about our self until she exquisitely translated them to us with her voice.

"She is to be missed deeply, yes...But, what if we never had her? That's what we celebrate today. Mama gave each and every one of us the gift of hope, laughter, and love."

And also the gift of the Night of 1000 Judys next Monday, a tribute event which has announced its final lineup.

I'm in very good company:

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Every Movie Judy Garland Ever Made In 14 Minutes

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From her first entrance (in The Big Revue) to her final scene (in I Could Go on Singing).

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'Night Of 1000 Judys' Is Tonight! They'll Sing 'Em All!

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No, not Judi Dench.

Anyway, tonight's attractions:

Jackie Hoffman will sing "Swanee."

Tony winner Daisy Eagan will do "The Trolley Song."

Emily Bergl (Desperate Housewives) will croon "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart"

And there will be more. They'll sing 'em all and they'll stay all night.

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Judy at Carnegie Hall Comes to the Cineplex!

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I just heard the sound of 10 million gays of a certain age plotzing.

But let me explain.

Stay All Night -- a documentary exploring Judy Garland's legendary performance at Carnegie Hall (the April 23, 1961, show) -- has just gone into pre-production.

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See the Restored Star Is Born This Sunday!

No, not the Streisand version.

The only way to restore that would be to shred it to pieces and sprinkle it all over Malibu.

I'm talking about the 1954 Cukor-directed gem with Judy Garland at her most tremulously vulnerable and James Mason as her noble husband who marches into the ocean as she announces "I am Mrs. ..."

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I Sang With Judy Garland

pic garland.jpeg
Tommy Femia is the finest Judy Garland impersonator there is, so when he asked me to do a cameo in his show at Don't Tell Mama the other night, I DID tell mama. I was thrilled.

The problem is, I have no act. I used to read Susanne Somers' poetry aloud at events like this, but that never got the laughs I would hope and besides, Three's Company doesn't have much to do with Judy Garland.

So I planned to do a reading of a Liza Minnelli interview from 1975, in which Liza said Mama died with style--and not from an OD or a suicide, by the way.

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