Justin Bieber Shirtless!

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It took a lot of serious excavation and crack detective work to unearth this photo of the topless Bieb.

I had to go all the way to his Twitter page, where he'd sent it out to millions of people!

Anyway, what do you think?

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Pictures Of, Like, Justin Bieber

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Let's momentarily turn this blog into a nouveau version of Tiger Beat and run two shots of the Biebs in his teal-colored Vans sneaks as millions scream.

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Justin Bieber's Secret To Perfect Pecs

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I think the secret is pretty clear from this cover photo:

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Hey, Justin Bieber! Hey, Girlfriend!

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I know calling the new Justin Bieber fragrance Girlfriend is supposed to be the most hetero thing going, but first of all, the ads have him wearing a sparkly top right out of Loehmann's, while very attractively sporting his usual lipstick-lesbian glow.

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Justin Bieber Thinks Being Gay Is a Choice?

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The Canadian mophead told Rolling Stone that it's people's "decision" to be gay or not, and it shouldn't bother anyone.

How sweet! But dumb!

And the inevitable next question would have to be:

"So why did you choose it, ba-dum-pum?"

Justin Bieber and Usher: What's With That?

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Is anyone else getting a little embarrassed by all the mutual loving displayed by Justin Bieber and his mentor, Usher, as seen on tonight's Grammy awards?

We were gushily told it's a "beautiful relationship," then watched the two eye each other as Usher remembered, "I saw you in the parking lot..."

Then we were lavished with the video documenting how they first fell in love.

I don't know. Creepy.

Other darkish Grammy thoughts:

*Screaming and screeching and flailing your arms around have nothing to do with Aretha Franklin! Don't they know that?

*Mick Jagger looked like a chicken wing, but was totally fierce, scrambling around the stage like an old cocker spaniel.

*Lady Antebelleum is basically three Taylor Swifts (though two of the are male). I wish the presenters would have more often said, "The winner is Lady...Gaga."

*As Streisand emerged on the TV set and started singing, a very young friend of a friend cutely commented, "She needs a nose job!"

Ah, the young. Maybe I need to be a mentor.

Super Bowl Aftermath: What Was The Best Commercial?

There were so many celebs filling up the valued time between touchdowns at last night's Super Bowl that it almost made the long, laborious evening worthwhile for me. (I said almost.)

Jazzing up all the high-powered commercials were starry names like Joan Rivers, Eminem, Adrien Brody, Timothy Hutton, and Kenny G, for Chrissake.

But probably the most memorable one--not the best, mind you, just the one that seared into the memory most efficiently--was the Best Buy ad featuring the unlikely pairing of the Osbournes and Justin Bieber.

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Justin Bieber Likes Michael Jackson

And I bet Jackson would have loved him right back!

Bieber is on the cover of the new Vanity Fair, and though I usually enjoy making wicked fun of the kid, I'm going to sit this one out because he says some interesting things in the interview.

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Celebs Who've Never Gotten Into Trouble

Are there any big names who've never made a huge, public mess of themselves?

Who've never been caught doing drugs, engaging in a DUI, philandering on a spouse, pushing a parent down the stairs, cutting a lover in the eyeball, or stealing Sephora products?

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MTV's Video Music Awards Had Me Gaga

Every year, MTV pretends it's still a music channel and gives awards to the videos it shows in the middle of the night between NyQuil commercials.

Fortunately, the VMAs are riveting nonetheless, the entire community assembling to lip-synch a song and screech out an acceptance speech.

Rather than have a toast to the douchebags, let's offer some serious observations about last night's telecast:

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