Best April Fool's Stunt of All Time

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It was mine, two years ago.

I broke from our general rule of not pulling such pranks, only because it was just too delicious. (And not only did the editor love it, but readers were screaming with laughter after realizing they'd been had.)

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What Would Lourdes' Book About Her Mother Be Titled?

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Assuming she sat down one day and wrote a scathing recollection a la Shirley MacLaine's daughter, Sachi Parker.

I bandied this around on Facebook yesterday, and my pals came up with some real goodies:

Live To Tell All

La Isla Ain't Bonita

Rescue Me

What It Feels Like For a Daughter

This Didn't Used To Be My Playground


But I've got a few hot suggestions of my own:

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Madonna And Her Young Boyfriend At Brunch! This Is A Riot!

Categories: Madonna

In this hilarious, spit-out-your-juice video starring Nadya Ginsburg, Brahim is so young he's an actual child.

And so is his mother!

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Madonna And Gaga: What Should They Sing Together?

Categories: Madonna

Madonna recently remarked that she loves Lady Gaga, adding that we'll be seeing the two divas onstage together real soon.

I guess they buried the hatchet in Katy Perry.

So what should Madonnagaga sing?

I have some ideas:

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My Take On Madonna Vs. Gaga

Categories: Madonna

It's in today's New York Daily News, in an article by Nicole Lyn Pesce centering on a panel coming up dealing with Madonna vs. Gaga.

(I'm not on the panel, but I managed to get my views out in the article anyway.)

Said I:

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I'm Talking Madonna And Bette This Saturday! Join In!

Categories: Madonna

The panel is called "Love Thy Diva: Madonna & Bette Midler," and it's described thusly:

"Madonna impersonator Vivian Belle, Bette Midler impersonator The Divine Grace (above), and Clay Cane, radio host of Clay Cane Live on WWRL 1600AM and entertainment editor at, critique, analyze and celebrate diva worshipping in the LGBT community.

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Madonna's MDNA Tour Set List! There's One Shocker On it!

Categories: Madonna

Here are the songs you will hear if you're lucky and/or rich enough to snag a ticket to this buzzy wuzzy, hypey dypey tour.

Nine songs from the new MDNA will be included, along with...

Heck, check out the link and see for yourself.

It's a good mix of the new, old, familiar, and unexpected.

And I mean very unexpected. Look at the list and you'll see an interesting mashup that aims to make a point about another diva.

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Madonna's Album Took a Record Nosedive, Say Insiders

Categories: Madonna


I'm happy for Madonna's longevity.

I don't agree with all the ageist complaints about her.

I realize the decks are stacked harder against the woman because of these prejudices.

And I applaud her for using a crafty array of marketing devices to try staying on top, as she's always done.

The other day, I wrote about how her MDNA album went to number one, partly because those who paid for concert tickets got the option of a free CD, and those "comps" were included in the chart statistics as if paid for.

Well, it's not number one anymore.

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Madonna Album Is #1--But Here's Why

Categories: Madonna


This just came in from a music-industry source:

"Madonna sold 359,000 copies of her MDNA album to debut at #1, a higher sales total than any of her albums since Music in 2000.

"But the catch is that if you bought a ticket to one of her concerts this year and 'opted in' to buy the album as part of the ticket price, you got the album at no extra cost.

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Madonna Rips Off Gaga Ripping Off Madonna Ripping Off....

Categories: Madonna

David Shankbone/Wikipedia

With Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" video out, the kids on the gay gossip site have gone wild with observations about which diva is pilfering from whom.

Says one poster there:

"Madonna rips off Gaga ripping off Madonna ripping off Gaga.

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