HBO's Mildred Pierce: A Good Review!

Joan Crawford must be rolling because Todd Haynes has apparently done a solid job in adapting Mildred Pierce into a five-hour HBO miniseries that will premiere on March 27.

In the below review, cultural critic Brendan Lemon says he liked Kate Winslet in the title role--she's right for it, and has the time to flesh it out--and he also gives thumbs up to Brian F. O'Byrne as thoroughly modern Mildred's first husband.

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Kevin Smith May Get the Byrd


During a Q&A after a Radio City showing of Kevin Smith's Red State the other night, cable goddess Robin Byrd's right-hand man Shelly raised his hand and asked if Kevin will next do The Robin Byrd Show -- The Movie.

Writers were supposed to have shown Smith the script for this proposed exercise in big-screen box banging.

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I Talked Oscars on CNN This Morning


And here are some saucy samplings of what I said.

About Melissa Leo's F-word:

"It was in keeping with her character in The Fighter. And it was the only sign of life all night. It's just sad that it was the highlight of the whole telecast and you couldn't hear it! You had to read her lips!"

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Melissa Leo's Oscar Campaign Brouhaha: My Final Thoughts


Melissa Leo has won every award in tarnation for The Fighter and she was the frontrunner for the Oscar, too, until some whoop-to-doo happened over ads she took out in Variety.

They showed her being all glammed up and lovely, a far cry from the spunky, ragtag, cigarette-chomping character she plays in her acclaimed role.

The ads are obviously a way for Melissa to remind people, "Hey, I'm versatile. I can do pretty. And by the way, I'm only 11 years older than Mark Wahlberg."

But in crazy, hazy Hollywood, there's been a terrible backlash over this campaign, as if Leo seriously overstepped and miscalculated.

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