Neil Patrick Harris Is To Be Congratulated!


I just told this to a reporter at PGN (Philadelphia Gay News) and I will link the piece when it comes out.

And I've written it and said it before, usually falling on deaf ears.

But it bears shouting from the rooftops:

Neil Patrick Harris has broken all the rules, closet-wise, with amazing success!

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Thank You, Out Celebs!

I've spent so much energy all these years railing at celebrities who cower in the closet that it's important I take a step back once in a while and throw some bouquets at the ones who actually opened the door and did us proud.

So thank you, out celebs!

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The Original Jennifer Aniston!

That desperate headline was the only way I could draw your attention to my column (CLICK HERE) reviewing Debbie Reynolds, who was Hollywood's original girl-next-door-who's-man-left-her-for-a-vamp, way back in the '50s.

Anyway, Debbie debuted at the Cafe Carlysle last week with a fun act of singing, zinging, and high camp. She even did a Barbra impression, complete with fake schnozz!

I'll also take you through the peaks and valleys of the Tony Awards the other night, including a brief chat with cute-twink host Neil Patrick Harris.

And I got to sit two feet away from Broadway-bound Hugh Jackman as he sang, danced, and vamped at a benefit I had a fine time at.

So sit back, click, and most of all, enjoy. It comes with home fries.

Neil Patrick Harris Sings Cutely at the Tonys

The 11 o'clock number from last night's Tony awards--done at 11:03--came when host Neil Patrick Harris belted a ditty that used the melodies from West Side Story and Guys and Dolls to sum up the night's zaniness with all new lyrics. At the after-party, Harris told me composers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (Hairspray) were backstage working on the song all through the show, and he'd consult with them to decide which things were funniest and should be kept in.

Best lyric: "This show could not be any gayer/If Liza was named mayor/And Elton John took flight." I also loved the bit about Angela Lansbury hooking up with Poison. What a slut!