Taylor Swift: I'm Not Clingy, Insane, And Desperate!

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The singer of hurt feelings--sort of the mini-me of Adele--is not in on the jokes about her love life.

For one thing, she tells Vanity Fair that a lot of her alleged romances that are discussed in the tabs are guys she simply said hello to. They've made her a fictional character!

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Sherry Vine's Funny Parody of Taylor Swift

I'm in the minority of folks who feel Taylor Swift wasn't that off-key on the Grammy Awards, but I'm in the majority who are convinced that the Sherry Vine parody of the whole incident is right on key and absolutely hilarious.

Unlike Taylor herself, this thing doesn't come off flat.

Taylor Swift Isn't That Off-Key!

I'm a little late to this picnic, but I finally caught up with the Grammy Awards (I was away) and prepared for the Taylor Swift trainwreck everyone had clucked about, expecting her to not come any closer to any of the notes than I have to Wasilla, Alaska.

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Will You Watch "Hope for Haiti" Tomorrow Night?

Just try and avoid it!

It'll be on every channel except Boomerang, filling your brain with the sight of caring celebrities reaching out to get exposure for their new CDs--I mean for Haitian relief, while raising tons of dollars for that worthy cause through high-profile artistry and in-your-face concern.

Do you think they really care or this is another "We Are The World" where they're fighting to get aboard to show their charitable side while nabbing a mass audience?

Do you think Taylor Swift cares as much as Bruce Sringsteen?

Justin Timberlake as much as organizer George Clooney?

Or are they all about equal?

And as I asked yesterday, will the money really go to Haiti???

Why Taylor Swift Ain't a Mess

AOL's Popeater blog just asked me for quotes about why that pretty little Taylor Swift hasn't fallen into the "hot mess" trap that some other young stars, a la Lindsay/Britney/Xtina/Miley, have flirted with.

My stunning reply:

"Unlike so many young stars who've turned into walking train wrecks, Taylor didn't suffer the disadvantage of having attention-seeking parents managing her career by force, thereby twisting her values and making her a pawn of their own aspirations. That's why she's avoided the Britney/Lindsay pit. She's simply a talented person who rose to the top without stage parents battling each other for control of her in between pitching their own reality shows.

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