Tony Kushner Re Ed Koch In 2003: "Oblivion Is What He Deserves"

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In 2003, Poz magazine assigned me to interview Tony Kushner about the HBO adaptation of his prize-winning epic of AIDS, fear, and self-loathing, Angels In America.

Having seen the TV movie, I mentioned to Kushner that it was quite faithful to the play, though the line that outed Ed Koch--which brought down the house every time on Broadway--was noticeably absent.

Replied Kushner (who's currently Oscar-nominated for the adapted screenplay of Lincoln):

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Barry Diller's Convenient Marriage Examined

This is from Confessions of A Gay Anchorman, TV personality Charles Dabney-Perez's new book:

"In 2001, Barry Diller married fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, a marriage that some reported was an attempt to put to bed rumors of his homosexuality.

"Though he and Ms. von Furstenberg have reportedly been close friends for years, to me, it was just more evidence of the lengths to which someone will go, even someone as big and bombastic and egotistical as Barry Diller, to find acceptance and validation.

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Calvin Klein, Go Back In The Closet!


Calvin, darling, you're embarrassing yourself.

What's worse, you're embarrassing the whole community.

You were never really that much of a gay hero in the first place.

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Richard Chamberlain Gets Raged Against By Gays!

Well, one gay, anyway.


An Enquirer article points out that I'm not happy with Richard Chamberlain's recent remarks that actors should stay in the closet because there's still homophobia in the business.

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Fran Lebowitz Sort of Comes Out

Acerbic wit Fran Lebowitz is the star of Public Speaking, the Martin Scorsese-directed documentary about her invariably funny take on things, which will debut Monday on HBO.

It's a terrifically entertaining romp, and Fran even manages to almost sort of finally seem to come out as a lesbian at last.

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Travolta Brave in the Face of Outing Story

John Travolta and Kelly Preston in Ollivanders.jpg
The Enquirer's current cover story claims that John Travolta has long cheated on wife Kelly Preston by fiddling with men in saunas.

So how does the inspiring couple respond?

By posing for p.r. photos at Universal Orlando Resort's The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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Ken Mehlman Just Realized He's Gay

Ken Mehlman, Dubya's 2004 campaign manager and a former Chairman of the RNC, has finally been telling people he's gay, something he says he's come to realize over time.

Funny, Ken, we realized it years ago when we were screaming, "You're gay!" and you were vehemently evading and denying it.

You know, back when you were enforcing all kinds of gross, anti-gay smearing and oppression on behalf of the Bush administration?

Can you folks believe this duplicitous bullshit?

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Gay-Hater Larry Adams Admits He Faced "That Temptation"

Check out this video interview with Larry Adams, the Bible thumper who advocates death for gay couples because that's what God wants, after all.

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Anti-Gay Republican Congressman Outed

It's happened again, folks. Another politician who gleefully casts votes against the gays turns out to be one.

At least that's what Mike Rogers says in his investigation of Mark Kirk, the Republican Congressman from Illinois who's up for Obama's Senate seat.

Kirk voted against the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (not all Republicans did so, by the way), but if you believe Rogers and his sources, Kirk has some 'splaining to do about his own life (though, of course, he was married to a woman, blah blah blah).

This is, after all, the man who blatantly lied about winning a very important honor from the Navy.

Makes you wonder if when Kirk says "The fleet's in!" he means the enema.

I Dished Rekers and His Rentboy on Olbermann!

Last night's Countdown With Keith Olbermann was the scene of much amusing yet pointed banter between Keith and myself about the absurd behavior of Baptist minister Charles Rekers, who got paid to testify against gay adoption, but who basically adopted his own male hustler for a squalid jaunt to Europe.

Rekers could give closet gay homophobes a bad name!

Enjoy the clip, then pay me $200 and leave a chocolate on the pillow.

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