Is Elena Kagan Gay?

Apparently both sides want to know if Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is a lesbian.

The conservatives want her to be out of the closet, so they can use it as a sliming device about how she's biased (as if they aren't).

And the liberals also want her to be out because they feel hiding her sexuality might compromise her judgment in the other way, where she'd actually vote less gay-friendly to make a point.

But of course if she IS out, then maybe she'll vote anti-gay too so as not to seem to be pushing an agenda.

It's all terribly confusing--especially if she ISN'T gay.

How wild would that be?

In any case, it seems like Elena just can't win no matter what she says or doesn't say.

Should we just absorb the presidential heedings that she's not "that way" and simply move on?

Pick Your Own Luggage Boy On

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george alan rekers.jpg
As you know, rabidly antigay Baptist minister and utter sleazeball George Alan Rekers was caught going on a 10-day trip to Bermuda with a young man who I doubt even wore his Bermuda shorts the whole time.

Rekers--who no doubt turned the place into Reker's island--admitted he'd found the guy on

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Oprah and Gayle Are Not Lesbian Lovers!

No way, no how! Not in a million lesba-years!

So says Kitty Kelley in her new unauthorized biography of the talk show queen.

According to the book, there is "no foundation for the rumors of a lesbian relationship."

None whatsoever!

Absolutely lesba-zilch!

Are you buying this?

The Sky is Blue!

A bear shits in the woods! The Pope is Catholic!

And Ricky Martin finally says he's gay!

No more livin' la pinga loca!

"I Won't Sleep With a Guy if I Find Out He's Done Drag"

I heard a gay male say that recently and I wasn't the least bit surprised.

After all, that's a prevalent point of view among a substantial part of the gay population.

A lot of guys are so into the machismo game that if a partner turns out to have tapped into his inner femme--even if just for Halloween and even just once--that automatically makes the person unsexy. A nelly. A fraud. Untouchable. And totally gross.

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Inside Rock Hudson's Closet

Rock Hudson.jpg
Fifites screen hunk Rock Hudson was so nervous about trying to stay in the celluloid closet that he rubbed his nails to a pulp.

So writes one of his costars, Leslie Caron, in her Thank Heaven memoir, which I just devoured like a crepe.

Says Caron of the matinee idol, "The fact that Rock chain-smoked was indicative of the incredible stress caused by his dissimulation--as was this nervous tic:

"He rubbed his thumbnails constantly, so that they were completely deformed, as if smashed by a hammer.

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Johnny Weir Is Gay!

Let's face it: He posed in high heels, he feels there can never be too many sequins, and he won't answer whether he's gay or not, feeling such labels aren't necessary.

Have you ever heard a straight guy say "I'd rather not answer if I'm gay"?"

And how often have you heard of a straight male figure skater anyway?

All those reasons and more are why Johnny Weir is obviously a poufter on ice. And I love him for it! Even if HE doesn't think gayness is something worth publicly celebrating, I sure do.

So I say spin, girlfriend!! Spin for your sisters!

Actor Ben Whishaw is Straight in One Magazine, Gay in Another

Don't you hate when a magazine's angle is that a hetero actor is playing gay, and how very wild that is?

Don't you also find it distasteful when the magazine assumes the actor playing gay IS hetero?

And what's more, when the actor seems to go along with it?

Meanwhile, in another magazine, the same actor--in this case, Ben Whishaw from Bright Star and Brideshead Revisited--isn't very straight at all!

There are so many layers here, and I'll leave it to Out editor Aaron Hicklin to explain them all for you.

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Are The Twilight: New Moon Stars Gay?

A breathless call came in from a friend the other day. "I saw Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on TV," she said, panting, "and I realized something: They're gay! They're bearding for each other! They come off completely 'that way'!"

Yikes! Could it be true? Two actors in a movie actually homosexual? (Rolls eyes.)

But wait a minute, I'm really not so sure.

Yeah, Kristen seems a bit butchie to me, but maybe she's just a free spirit with a brooding demeanor and a refusal to over-play the femme game.

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A New Site Will Out Gay Priests!

And there's a lot of them to out, honey!

Yes, sets out to expose the hypocrisy of Archdiocese of Washington priests who go along with the church's routine emotional assault on gays while living lives of quiet desperation that involve them having gay sex themselves. (Or even straight sex--the site wants to find ANY priest who's always on his knees for ANYTHING other than praying.)

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