What If The Sound of Music Starred Leslie Mann And Diane Keaton?

Categories: Comedy

As Maria Von Trapp and the Mother Abbess.

And Emma Stone as Liesl von Trapp

And Claire Danes as Sister Margaretta

And Ellen DeGeneres as Uncle Max

And it was directed by Tom Hooper, with lots of loving, crying closeups.

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I Was Tossed Out Of The Friars Club The Other Night

Categories: Comedy

I'd been invited to cover a competition whereby three comics were going to roast cookbook author and Salman Rushdie's ex, Padma Lakshmi, as if she were curried butternut squash and chickpeas.

My friend and I got there and sat around the foyer waiting for the roasting room to open up, but the publicist who invited me--whom I like a lot--told me he just found out that contractually, no writers were allowed into the roast, just photographers.

Apparently, the producer of the show had spotted me and gotten nervous.

Huh? Why do a press event and not want press? Were they afraid I'd make mean jokes about Padma? But doesn't a roast consist of mean jokes?

And I've been a friend of the Friars and even put them in the last Best of NYC issue!

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Who's The Queen Of All Lady Comics? One Funny Lady Declares A Winner

Categories: Comedy

Photo by David Shankbone/Wikipeda
This week's column is a rollicking romp of an interview with the queen of mean, Lisa Lampanelli, who's now the queen of lean, having shed over 100 pounds, but not her piercing comic edge.

I addition to what's in the column, I asked Lisa if she's the grand dame of all female comics and here's what she said:

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Lisa Lampanelli: "I'm a Recovering Dinge Queen!"

Categories: Comedy

Photo by David Shankbone/Wikipeda
Hilarious insult lady Lisa Lampanelli is playing the Apollo next Wednesday, which would seem like a sexual lollapalooza for the lady, considering her reputation, except for one thing:

She's married. To a white guy.

In this week's column, Lisa explains to me what she's going to do about that--and also describes the exact extent of her lust for black men in the past.

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Gilbert Gottfried: Who Do I Apologize To?

Categories: Comedy


Hilariously angsty comic Gilbert Gottfried is coming to Caroline's on Broadway December 20 and Gotham Comedy Club (in a benefit for PS 11) on February 12.

What's more, he has a book out called Rubber Balls and Liquor. (In the flap copy, Gottfried explains that he cares about the sanctity of the written word. "And in my case, those words include fuck, dick, and pussy.")

Gottfried put down his rubber balls for a second and paused to talk with me about the various feathers he's riotously ruffled through the years.

Hi, Gilbert. Will your Carolines show be holiday-related?

It'll be who's ever willing to pay cover and minimum. Any religion is accepted.

And you'll talk about...

It will all be material you can sit around the fireplace with the kids, if your kids are on crystal meth.

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Hollywood Hoarder: Judy And Liza Help Rescue Ann Miller

Categories: Comedy

This is from "Judy's Groceries," another video by the same nuts.
In this satirical take on late Hollywood legend Ann Miller by the Punchy Players, Ann's house looks like Louis G. Mayer exploded all over it.

Enter Judy and Liza, who plow through the mounds of corn cob holders, powdered donuts, and Howard Keel, and try to rescue the tapdancing kook from compulsive oblivion.

Trust me.

This short, funny clip is one collectible that was worth excavating.

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Jerry Lewis Wants To Be Gay!

Categories: Comedy

Hey, lady!

Get this!

I recently went to see comic legend Jerry Lewis get honored by the SASS Foundation for Medical Research at a Tribeca banquet that mixed solemnity with shtick.

On the way in, a reporter remarked to Jerry that he'd accomplished so much in his career--acting, singing, writing, directing--and wondered, "What's left for you?'

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Satirizing Presidential Politics Is Nothing New

Categories: Comedy

It existed way before The Daily Show and even before Saturday Night Live!

In fact, a 1962 comedy album starring comedian/impersonator Vaughn Meader was a cultural phenomenon and ended up winning the Grammy for Album of the Year.

And 50 years later, it's back and bigger than ever.

Bob Booker, who coproduced the album and appears on it, just wrote me all about.

Said Bob:

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"Billy On The Street" Comic Takes On Sandra Bullock, Rachael Ray, And Grindr

Categories: Comedy

This week's column is a riotous romp with Billy Eichner, the gay comic who became known for Billy on the Street segments where he accosted New Yorkers and asked them things like "Is Brad Pitt the kind of white guy you'd like to fuck?" and "Rachael Ray is like a little demon stuck inside a goat."

(I know that's not technically a question, but still.)

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Here Come The Real Housewives Of Dusseldorf

Categories: Comedy

The Real Housewives chain gets a really hard yank with this hilarious spoof by the kids of Unitard (David Ilku, Mike Albo, Nora Burns), just in time for Octoberfest.

Unlike the Bravo women, the Dusseldorf ladies are tough, rough, ice cold, and a little bit hairy.

They stand with their hands behind their back waiting for an emotion.

The biggest energy they can summon is to half-heartedly tell one another, "Your spaetzle is hard and dry."

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