House Of Cupcakes Has Opened In The Village! Enter!

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From a bake shop in Princeton, New Jersey (which won the Food Network's Cupcake Wars in 2011), House of Cupcakes has now become a chain of yummy wowness.

A branch just opened at 101-Seventh Avenue South (212-255-7102), with Bronx and East Brunswick shops coming faster than you can say "oink".

And I can't urge you to run to the Village one fast enough.

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The 10 Most Popular Heterosexual Foods

Categories: Food

This list is from Jeffery Self's satirical new book called Straight People: A Spotter's Guide To The Fascinating World of Heterosexuals.

It's a ranking of the top 10 foods enjoyed by straight people all over our fine country. Hold onto your Chinese takeout and get ready for the illustrious array of winning foodstuffs for the missionary position crowd:

First of all, their mom's recipe for spaghetti sauce. (Wait, I must be heterosexual. Should we stop right here? No, let's keep going and try to learn.)

Secondly, soul food, which Self says heteros like to seek out and devour in a rather patronizing way. Again, I'm obviously straight!

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Tofu Is Still Torturing People

Categories: Food

I just got an invite to a tofu chain restaurant's new branch opening and was stunned to realize that tofu is still terrorizing our nation.

I've been kvetching about the stuff since the days of mother-in-law jokes, certain it would be a passing (non-) fancy along with eating cardboard and/or ostrich burgers with bean sprout relish. And yet it's still here, and it's being given more exalted showcases than ever, fancy restaurants serving it in all sorts of visually arresting ways, some for high prices that people will actually spring for.

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Starbucks Is Dropping Their Prices

Categories: Food

Not on their latte shmatte chai barista cocoa java lala hotchacha stuff, mind you. I'm talking about their prepackaged coffees.

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Is Nutella The Devil's Work?

Categories: Food

It would seem so from the description of it in a new book called Obsessed--America's Food Addiction--And My Own by Mika Brzezinki.

Nutella, of course, is the famous spread made from hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa. Karl Lagerfeld reportedly worships it. Editors, actors, pilots, everyone on earth practically wants to mainline it.

Even the author herself admits she shamelessly adores the stuff.

But she adds that a couple of tablespoons of Nutella have as many calories as a Three Musketeers bar! What's more, there's been a class action suit filed by parents who feel misled by Nutella's claims to be a healthy breakfast spread for kids to put on toast. (I guess in lieu of an M&M omelette or Twizzlers pancakes).

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Get Ready For The "Breastaurant"

Categories: Food

Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, a chain eatery in Texas, has just registered the term "breastaurant."

No, that doesn't mean it's a place where you can openly breast feed at your table. (Though I'd have to check Texas law to see if maybe it does mean that.)

It refers to the fact that the waitresses are jiggly, bazoomy babes who bring your burgers in a way that might be called deluxe.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook Features $120 Tuna Salad

Categories: Food

Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow has a new recipe book called It's All Good, though some critics feel it should be titled It's All Ridiculously Pricey.

As radar points out "Her egg white omelet calls for duck eggs and will cost $30.

"Her fish fingers recipe for kids will set you back $71.50.

"For tuna salad, you have to get Manuka honey, which averages about $25 a jar. The entire recipe will set you back $120."

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Lovely Desserts At Avenue A Gastropub

Categories: Food

Photo by Rob Roth
Boulton & Watt is a comfortable, unpretentious restaurant on Avenue A, where the above desserts gave my life some American-classic zing last night.

A chocolate souffle that was light in its loafers.

And a giant chocolate chip in a skillet, which you drenched in milk for extra effect. I normally am not big on cookies and milk--they remind me of some childhood I never had--but I found myself loving it, and then guzzling the milk separately too. Maybe I crave the calcium!

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McDonald's Debuts Fish McBites!

Categories: Food

For a limited time, NYC area McDonald's restaurants will carry Fish McBites, a fishy answer to Chicken McNuggets.

They're "poppable, crispy pieces of Alaskan Pollock and come in three sizes--Snack (3 oz.), Regular (5 oz.), and Shareable (10 oz.)

"Fish McBites will be the first menu item offered by a national restaurant chain to carry an 'ecolabel' from the Marine Stewardship Council certifying that McDonald's newest product only comes from suppliers with sustainable fishing practices."

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Mixed Restaurant At Gay Hotel

Categories: Food

KTCHN, the restaurant at the OutNYC hotel on West 42nd Street, is a sleek place that's drawing a mixed crowd--which is perfectly legal, I guess.

I ate in the back room, which feels airy, mirrors adding to the spacial illusion.

The help was very friendly, which made up for the less than speedy pace of food delivery.

And while they don't talk about "specials," they do offer "features," which on Saturday were a three-cheese fondue and a butternut squash soup. (The lamb "feature" had already sold out by 7 PM. Line up early for your lamb features!)

My favorite item was a starter--crispy Maine lobster risotto cubes--which were so bold and tasty I'd now love to start each day with them instead of bagels.

I also had the hanger steak (one of the "Simple Mains"), broccoli rabe, and gelato.

Our booth was so large I wanted to rename it Shirley Booth.

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