A Message For Clive Davis

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Congrats for coming out as bisexual in in your new memoir.

After a lifetime in the closet, you've finally come out to sell a book, and whatever--better late than never, blah blah.

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Divorcee Christina Aguilera Likes Women

christina aguilera.jpg
Christina Aguilera has spoken on the record before about having a taste for both sexes.

Her last CD, for God's sake, was named Bionic. (Get it? Bi-onic.)

And according to one anonymous woman who spoke to radar.com, the singer had her bodyguard approach her at a nightclub, clearly trying to set up a liaison.

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Bisexual Furor! I'm The Gay Devil!

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Swarms of bisexuals have clicked ambidextrously on their keyboards to shoot me rage-filled responses to my post last week called "Ever Meet a Real Bisexual?"

"Are you saying I don't exist?" sounded the bi brigade, fuming. "How dare you, turdface!"

The gay watchdog group GLAAD even contacted me in dismay, which was a thrill. See, for decades I've been totally out and have championed gay needs and pioneered gay trends, with barely a shred of recognition or support from GLAAD. Finally, I got their attention! (Update: Once I bristled, the woman from GLAAD turned out to be very understanding. She listened to my side, is pleased that I allowed room for dissent, and is willing to make me feel more welcome there, while also listening to the protesters' complaints. I guess we can all be friends--but only if they change their name to the more bisexual-friendly sounding GLBAAD.)

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Ever Meet a Real Bisexual?

Everyone always says they're bisexual, blabbing on and on about how "sexuality is fluid, and I don't really like labels"--but usually I find these are just gay men who are afraid to come out. I know there are real bisexuals out there--mainly because I've heard that there are--and I do
think it's a lovely idea to actually crave sex with people regardless of gender. I'm just wondering how real a phenomenon this is, as opposed to a smoke-and-mirrors coverup designed to keep antsy gays in the closet.

Most of the guys I know who say they're bisexual end up doing Bette Davis impersonations after a few drinks, and when you invite them to an all-girl bar, they get excited, thinking you mean Splash. But do you know anyone who REALLY is equally attracted to both men and women and effortlessly glides between those two dating pools without a second's thought or self-consciousness? If so, do you ever suspect they're full of shit?