Carl Paladino And The Speedo Boys

Dear Carl,

Yesterday, I took apart your biblical hate against gay people, spewed in the wake of a horrifying batch of bullying, suicides, and torture that have millions of sensible adults breaking down doors to try and make the world safer for young gays.

Your choice--supposedly ordained by God--is to add to the persecution, followed by weak attempts to take back your vitriol while maintaining it at the same time--as if you were returning a lice-eaten sweater to K Mart, but refused to take it off.

You're a mess, honey, but I forgot to address your most comical statement of all.

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Dear Carl Paladino...

In your speech on Saturday, you used religion to bash gays in the way it's been used for centuries, though not so much lately, now that we have movies, TV, information, and actual human interaction.

Gays don't make a good example, you said in your desperate gubernatorial bid, devoutly adding, "That's not how God created us!"

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Gay-Hater Larry Adams Admits He Faced "That Temptation"

Check out this video interview with Larry Adams, the Bible thumper who advocates death for gay couples because that's what God wants, after all.

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Assaulter of Three Gay Men Only Gets 45 Days in Jail!

You heard me.

Driton Nicaj attacked Joe Holladay on the Upper East Side last year and used the word "faggot," though a judge somehow pooh-poohed the hate-crime angle.

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Elton John Whored at Rush Limbaugh's Wedding

Anti-gay hatemonger Rush Limbaugh just married a woman who's 26 years younger in Palm Springs---in fact, she's 26 years younger everywhere--but that's not the vomity part.

The vomity part is that lord queen Elton John sang at the wedding!

Our out gay pal--who does so much for our cause when he's thinking, um, straight--pocketed a cool million to help validate the twisted family values of a man who's done even more to fuck with gay rights than he's done to help Mexican production of OxyContin.

Why, Elton, why?

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"Gays Should Die" Says "Beauty Queen" Lauren Ashley, Who Should Shut Up!

So Carrie Prejean finally has some competition in the tiara-wearing, bigotry-spouting contest. Except that at least Carrie really IS a beauty queen--or was, anyway, before they ripped her crown off for various behavioral faux pas ill befitting a queen.

Along comes Lauren Ashley, the self professed Miss Beverly Hills, who went on Fox News to say that God feels gays deserve death--though some of her best friends are blah blah blah.

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Boo to Homophobic Buju Banton!

Would a musical artist who sings "Jews must die" or "black people need to be killed" get a Grammy nomination? I really don't think so, and if I am somehow off-base in assuming that, please look through this year's list of nominees--Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and so on--and let me know.

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Jorge Steven Lopez Murder Update: "Gay Panic" Will Be The Defense

Thumbnail image for hate crime.jpeg
You've been reading here about the brutal murder of young Jorge Steven Lopez in Puerto Rico, which appears to have been committed by a 26-year-old father of four named Juan Martinez Matos.

And his rationale?

Well--as the attached piece on details--it seems Matos hit up Lopez for sex on a prosite-filled street and was disturbed to find Lopez was actually a man. So he decapitated, dismembered, burned, and discarded him. God, in The Crying Game, the guy only vomited!

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Vigil for Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado on Sunday

hate crime.jpeg
An email has gone out asking people to bring candles and some soul to a rally this Sunday for the gay guy murered in Puerto Rico, whom I wrote about here the other day.

Here's the message:

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The Media's Ignoring a Brutal Hate Crime!

hate crime.jpeg
This letter just came in about a murder that's only getting local attention in Puerto Rico, but which desperately needs to be heard about worldwide:

"Dear Michael Musto,

"I am writing to you about a tragic murder that has happened here in Puerto Rico. On November 14, the body of a gay 19-year-old was found a few miles away from the town in which he was residing in called Caguas.

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