Uncle Poodle Is HIV Positive

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In her NON-coming out/coming out speech the other night, Jodie Foster moaned that she's not Honey Boo Boo and therefore didn't need to reveal everything to the world her whole life.

But I felt (A) That diminished all the dignified stars who've felt it important to come out and are hardly reality show attractions

(b) Honey Boo Boo has been gay positive, especially with the inclusion of Uncle Poodle--Lee Thompson--who led to the show's message that everyone's a little bit gay and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Well, Uncle Poodle has a new revelation.

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"How Did Magic Johnson Get HIV?" Asks Gossip Site

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Spurred by a Frontline documentary on AIDS and the African American community, Gawker posted a blog saying they doubt Magic Johnson really got AIDS as he said he did--by sleeping with a lot of women, which they consider low-risk activity.

They even offer a bounty to anyone who can offer info as to how Magic really got it.

(They mention certain orgy parties with transsexual hookers, which Johnson may or may not have been at.)


I'm all for information and enlightenment, but:

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The Best Broadway Bares Ever!

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Photo: Christian Freedom
It happened last night at Roseland, raising truckloads of money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS while lavishing the panting crowd with a Happy Endings show of fractured fairy tales.

The stories were carried out in spectacular, sassy numbers that had been choreographed and rehearsed to the max, with feathers on (or actually off).

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HIV Is Not A Crime!

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But guess what?

In many places in this country, people with AIDS are treated as criminals if they don't disclose their status to partners, even if the transmission risk is next to nil.

Poz magazine founder Sean Strub -- who's doing a documentary on the subject (trailer above) -- tells me that a guy named Nick Rhoades got 25 years in jail for nondisclosure!

And he had an undetectable viral load and he used a condom!

And there are so many other instances like this that it's clear PWAs are being equated with serial killers.

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Hats Off To Tulips & Pansies

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Andrew Werner

I'm not sure why they asked me to judge the annual Tulips & Pansies headdress competition at Gotham Hall, benefiting Village Care.

I mean, I'm not a tulip!

But I'm really glad I did it, along with Mike Ruiz, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and Beth Broderick.

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Joan Rivers And I Discuss AIDS Epidemic: Not For The PC

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After last night's performance of the AIDS play The Normal Heart, people were shattered, as they are every night.

At the after-party, I saw my old friend Joan Rivers and asked her thoughts.

"I was very uplifted at the end!" she beamed.

Oh, no. She wasn't going to go there, was she? I love this woman.

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Volunteer in an HIV Vaccine Study

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Stella 3.jpeg

Fucking around might be some people's idea of volunteering in an HIV study, but believe me, there are better ways.

The other night at Lips, Peppermint and friends brought together an illustrious gang of club favorites to toast each other and to promote Project Achieve's vaccine study, which you just might qualify for.

Check out the info provided after the break by Stella, the Queen Mum of Vaccine.

And don't stay mum, queen.

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A New Pill to Maybe Prevent AIDS in a Lot of Cases

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And all it would cost in America is $14,000 a year for the rest of your life.

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It's Project Runway vs. Oprah!

Jack Mackenroth, the HIV-positive guy from Project Runway, caught the recent Oprah Winfrey show about women with AIDS and found it to be a bit archaic, sensationalistic, and damaging to the cause. But otherwise, he liked it, ba dum pum.

Anyway, here's the very thoughtful letter Jack wrote to Oprah's peeps, hoping to enlighten them on how to better serve the subject:

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