Lesbians Are Taking Over Soho!

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And they're using names from Virginia Woolf characters!

Let me explain:

The Dalloway (525 Broome Street) is a new hotspot co-owned by Kim Stolz, remembered as a lesbian contestant on America's Next Top Model, and Amanda Leigh Dunn from Showtime's The Real L Word.

(Above photo: Amanda, Kim)

Put two power lesbians together below Houston Street and boom, you've got a Soho bar-restaurant which Queerty's Dan Avery says is bringing in a "steady stream of hip dykes."

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Jessica Lange Lesbian Story Fizzles Out

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The National Enquirer just ran a story saying that Jessica Lange had become more than friends with her American Horror Story costar Sarah Paulson, the latter being an open lesbian who had a relationship with actress Cherry Jones.

Lange's people promptly pooh-poohed it.

And I tend to think they're not lying.

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"Free Chocha For Everybody!" Crows New Miss LEZ Winner

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And even a gay man could appreciate the wonderful message.

This was at last night's Miss LEZ pageant, organized and hosted by Murray Hill, the big-shticked hoofer who puts the "king" back in "fucking" and who "makes meat loaf look like Salisbury steak."

The annual event -- which I judged, as usual -- turned the Knitting Factory upside down with shimmying body parts, oozing fluids, and kooky, inclusive talent.

It turns out these LEZ-zies are even more outrageous than their drag-queen counterparts.

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A Lesbian Dissed Me Big-Time

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I've been operating a little too much in the gay-male ghetto, so I ventured into the lesbian arena to judge Murray Hill's hilarious Miss Lez pageant the other night at the Knitting Factory, way out in Brooklyn.

And I was thrilled to find I wasn't anonymous there.

In fact, the second I walked in, a lesbian ran up to me and gushed, "A couple of years ago, my friends and I had a contest about who would see the first celebrity in New York. I saw you and I won!"

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The Accused Was The Most Lesbian Movie Ever Made

Behind the scenes anyway.

You remember The Accused.

The 1988 drama with Jodie Foster gang-raped at a dive bar, defended by a rather butch public prosecutor (Kelly McGillis) who helps her get retribution.

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It's Over For Melissa and Tammy Etheridge

Tammy Etheridge won't be coming to Melissa Etheridge's window any time soon.

Their longtime trailblazing lesba-relationship is officially as kaput as the excitement around Lilith Fair.

And I had just gotten over the demise of Rosie and Kelli!

What good are gay relationships if they're going to break up just like straight ones?

Michelle Rodriguez DJing At Lesbian Party!

You know her as the feisty actress from The Fast and The Furious.

You also know her as the even feistier person who fought with her girlfriend.

And now, Michelle Rodriguez has been announced as the guest DJ for the GO Nightlife awards, hosted by a lesbian magazine for lesbians who will be lesbianing it up at the extremely lesbian event.

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Constance the Prom Lesbian Is Making Big Waves! What Next?

When that Mississippi prom was canceled just so 18-year-old Constance McMillen and her girlfriend wouldn't come, Constance became a huge media star in the wake of the hideous bigotry.

And in the process, I started wondering "What next?"

What else would hatemongers cancel just to avoid admitting people they don't approve of?

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Meredith Baxter Comes Out!

When chirpy, blonde Meredith Baxter turned up on a lesbian cruise last month, it didn't take a freakin' Sherlock Holmes to figure out that her Family Ties were of the sapphic variety. And now, the longtime TV star
opens up about her lesbianism in a coming out interview that details her mid-life awakening and the way her partners in her skin care company didn't break out in a rash over it.

It's your turn, Tina Yothers. Give us some kind of revelation.

Latifah Inching Out of the Closet

Oscar nominee Queen Latifah has gone to New York's hottest weekly lesbian party twice in a row, accompanied by sizzling dishes of womanhood, according to Page Six. The singer/actress/whatever's official stance has always been that she doesn't care if people think she's gay, so that works out just fine!

But Queenie, maybe next week you can bring Missy Elliott?