The TV Moment That Made Me Gay

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In the 1960s, I was addicted to watching tall, lithe Ron Ely as Tarzan, wearing a pulse-quickening loincloith as he swung around the place on various vines.

The line of hair under Ron's navel was possibly the most important stretch of geography of my entire pubescence.

In fact, as I've written, I remember thinking, "You Tarzan. Me gay."

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Don't Rejoice Over Tyler Perry's Flop Movie

Categories: Film

Tyler Perry Presents Peeples hasn't been bringing in the peeples to buy tickets, but let's not celebrate about that. The fact is, it's actually a challenging work that breaks new ground for Perry in that it doesn't pander to conservative church values.

Writes Stephen Schaefer in the Boston Herald:

", which tracks and predicts movies, was surprised at the spectacular failure this past weekend of Tyler Perry Presents Peeples, a well reviewed comedy that teamed Craig Robinson of The Office in his first starring role and red-hot Kerry Washington of Scandal in a dysfunctional family comedy.

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RIP Kenneth Battelle! His Hairdressing Legacy Lives On

Categories: Celebs

Kenneth Battelle--a/k/a just plain Kenneth (or "Mr. Kenneth")--was so famous and coveted as a hair stylist that he did both Jackie Kennedy and the woman who was sleeping with her husband, Marilyn Monroe.

For Jackie, he used lots of rollers and created her famous bouffant which lengthened her head and balanced her cheekbones.

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Autograph Show Legends Captured By Angelo Pitillo

Categories: Celebs

Udo Kier (from Warhol's Frankenstein and Dracula) was so not a monster.
This week's column is an explosive jaunt to a New Jersey autograph show (Kevin Clement's Chiller Theatre), where you could buy signed photos of your favorite cult stars or simply ogle them from a safe distance.

Angelo Pitillo went up in their faces and captured the magique.

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The Sickest Remarks Being Made About Angelina's Double Mastectomy

Categories: Angelina Jolie

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie revealed that she'd had a double mastectomy as a preventive measure against a family history of breast cancer, amidst worldwide kudos and admiration.

But on Facebook and other places, some were not convinced.

"Her breasts were sagging," said one ex "friend" of mine, "so she simply had them lifted. By lying and spinning it as a mastectomy, she is now above criticism or ridicule."

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Oscar winners! Rock Legends! Michael Jackson's Sperm Donor! All In One Room!

Categories: Celebs

Oscar winner and my personal friend Patty Duke. Photo by Angelo Pitillo
Well, one Oscar winner (Patty Duke) plus plenty of offbeat, appreciated stars of every medium there is, all converging at the Chiller Theatre autograph show out in Parsippany.

It happened, and I was there, greeting them all for this week's column.

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Move Over, Ryan Lochte! The Hottest Looking Swimmer Is...

Categories: Sports

Nathan Adrian.

Tall, 25, a three-time Olympic gold medalist.

No, I'd never heard of him until the kids at started fawning over him (the sports arena is not exactly my forte), but I did a little research and almost had a (butterfly) stroke on witnessing the grandeur.

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Sarah Dash From Labelle Turned It Out The Other Night!

Categories: Music

Photo by Jason Russo/HeyMrJason
How refreshing to find a vocal artist starting a cabaret show with a different "I'm Still Here" song.

The one Sarah Dash did at 54 Below the other night was fiery and proud and alive--and not the same old one everyone else does (which I also adore, mind you).

Dash has always been individual.

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Weird Glitch on Moviefone

Categories: Film

A friend and I wanted to catch up with 42, the well received Jackie Robinson movie I'd missed the screening of.

I called Moviefone and entered the first three letters of the movie title: F-O-R.

But 42 didn't come up. What did pop up was a head-spinningly bizarre assortment of films, which surely can't still be playing anymore (and in the case of some of them, I'm not sure they ever did). The voice of Moviefone listed:

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Bret Easton Ellis Fights Back Against GLAAD's Love Of "The Gay Man As Magical Elf"

Categories: Gaaaaayyyyyy

The American Psycho author was wrist slapped by GLAAD for some of his tweets involving things like making an HIV joke and also saying Matt Bomer would be weird casting for the uber-straight role in the movie of Fifty Shades of Grey, considering the actor's easy openness with being gay. ( I thought that one was off base too--the public can make leaps between actor and role--though at least Ellis is also mad that a straight plays a simpering gay on Modern Family and wins awards for it.)

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