Pix of Guys With Hairy Chests! Yes, It's Come To This

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Why should hairy chested guys be left out just because they don't shave, wax, and torture themselves like everybody else?

Besides, hairy torsos are back--even on men.

Here are some of the most fabulously hirsute ones, as compiled by the ever observant folks at datalounge.com.

Some of them even have heads!

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Four Hot Guys Dressed As Gladiators

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That's really all you need to know about this photo, especially since it's all I do know.

The kids over at datalounge.com are speculating that maybe it's a shot of extras from Spartacus or perhaps the chorus from the Metroplitan Opera's latest all-beef production of Il Trovatore.

Or maye they were the presenters at the Adult Video Awards.

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The Five Hottest Hollywood Hunks Over 50

stanley tucci.jpg
The Devil Wears Prada

Movie stars don't get older, they get better, especially when it comes to my five fave hotties over 50.

(5) Mark Harmon. Mamma like, mamma like.

(4) Pierce Brosnan. Come to me, Pierce. Your singing in Mamma Mia! will be totally forgiven.

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Show Biz Is the Worst! Hear Me Out.


Yes, I know that every breathing creature on earth dreams of a life in showbiz, but trust me: It's hell in a handbasket.

Once you enter into "the biz," there's no stability, zero security, and incomplete satisfaction.

Unlike most professions, the life of an actor is a job-by-job existence in which, every time a show closes or isn't renewed, you horrifyingly find yourself at square zero, sending out head shots to total strangers!

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Power Player-Filled Restaurant Is Actually Good

The Lion
Usually, joints that attract power brokers are awful, with lousy food and terrible service, because when you come down to it, people with power secretly love nothing more than to be humiliated.

But The Lion, the cozy West Village eatery at 62 W. 9th Street, deserves to be the king of the urban jungle.

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Keith Olbermann, Thank You!

For more than six years, I was a regular on your show, and from the start I felt we had a way more comfortable rapport than, let's say, Spitzer and whatshername.

As we chewed over topics from Tom Cruise's love life to Sarah Palin's family values and beyond, I'd say impishly outrageous things and you'd simultaneously blush and egg me on.

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The Best Pepperidge Farm Cookie of All

Trust me, it's Pirouette, that classically creme-filled rolled wafer, in a delectable chocolate hazelnut flavor that's out of this galaxy.

Pirouettes are sort of like edible cigarettes crossed with magic wands of weight gain, and they're great for sticking into a steaming cup of cappuccino or adorning a lovely bowl of ice cream.

But I like them best of all in and of themselves. They're that crunchy and oozily delicious!

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Your Favorite Beatles Song?

the beatles.jpg
As what would have been his 70th birthday approaches, John Lennon is getting a whole lot of posthumous hoopla -- like a movie, Nowhere Boy, about his early days; a documentary about his Gotham years, playing in the New York Film Festival; and a Beatles revue called Rain dripping down on Broadway.

Which reminds me:

What's you favorite Beatles song?

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Favorite Down Home Expressions From Southern Illinois


"My name is Karl, but you can call me tonight!"

"I swear to Goat!"

"I get those in BULK!"

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Gay Flight Attendant Who Escaped Through the Chute: A Prison Sentence or a Promotion?

steven slater.jpg
By now, you've probably heard about Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who had an altercation with a passenger who was defying orders, so he made a crusty speech over the loudspeaker, opened the emergency exit, and slid down the inflatable slide onto the tarmac, eventually getting into his car and driving away.

Fortunately, the plane was on the ground when this happened, having just landed.

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