Pick Up A Pay Phone And You'll Hear My Voice

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You remember pay phones. They were popular around the same time as fax machines and messenger pigeons.

And there are some left. Even better, there are some that work.

So a fascinating new artistic project has hooked up 5000 NYC pay phones so that if you pick up the receiver and call 1-855-FOR-1993 (toll-free), you'll hear various notables like myself reminiscing about the wonders and horrors of our city back in '93.

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Photographer Of Grisly NYC Subway Death Defends Himself

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The cover of yesterday's New York Post has become a collectible for sickos.

It features the photo of Ki Suk Han hanging on, moments before he was killed by an oncoming Q train.

It's sort of like Penelope Pitstop, but for real.

And the photographer wants to tell his own side of the story.

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Two Department Store Xmas Windows Miss The Boat

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And by the boat, I don't mean the Titanic!

I'm referring to another Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle, The Great Gatsby.

The latest movie version of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald "Roaring Twenties" novel was supposed to be coming out this season, which surely had something to do with two of the major department store windows' subject matters.

Both Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman feature flappers in their holiday window displays!

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Bye Bye Gershwin Hotel?

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The Gershwin is the funky, arty hotel at 7 E. 27th Street, where the atmosphere is experimental and cultural--simultaneously avant garde and rich in history--and the event space hosts many a Warhol-themed bash.

Well, a source claims that on December 15, the Warhol party there will be the last one!

Says the snitch, the hotel has been sold and will be turned into something that makes more cash.

(A Chipotle?)

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Five Questions For David Barton On His Gym's 20th Anniversary

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One of the gym's great ad campaigns through the years.
Tonight at Copacabana, there's an invite-only bash for David Barton Gym's 20th anniversary [in honor of the third annual Diane's Day, named after David's sister].

So I posed Barton a quintet of arm-flexing, abs-inducing queries.

Here were the eye popping results:

1) Hi, David. Congrats on the big occasion. What is the key to longevity in the fitness business?

Building a gym is easy, doing it well is hard. Work your ass off.

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The Empire State Killer Went To McDonald's!

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A lot!

Here's what the New York Daily News has reported about the guy's personal habits:

53-year-old Jeffrey Johnson seemed mellow and nice.

He was a loner who kept to himself and didn't have guests to his apartment except, occasionally, for his mother.

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Empire State Building Shooter Designed Womens Accessories

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Reportedly, he was Jeffrey Johnson, who worked as a designer of women's accessories for Hazan Imports and was laid off last year.

This morning he shot a former co-worker.

Cops were alerted and this turned into a battle with police, with Johnson aiming fire and the cops shooting back, killing Johnson--though Mayor Bloomberg says they may have also shot passersby in the scuffle.

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Shooting In Front Of The Empire State Building

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Average Manhattan One-Bedroom Rental Is Now $3386 A Month!

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Thank God I'm not renting anymore!

A one-bedroom currently averages $3386 a month, which is up 11.5% from last year.

Think you should just rent a studio instead?

Well, a Manhattan studio averages $2569, up 18.8% from last year!

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Bloomberg Wants The Minimum NYC Apartment To Be Smaller

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David Shankbone/Wikipedia
He wants us to drink smaller sodas and now our kindly mayor would also like us to have the option of living in tinier apartments.

(And you thought it wasn't possible!)

You see, 400 square feet officially constitutes the smallest a new apartment can be in NYC.

But Bloomie is letting developers attempt a project where they envision 300 square foot studios--or "micro-units"--complete with kitchenette, bathroom, and foldout bed.

That's barely enough room for my ego, let alone my hats from the '80s!

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