Sexy Mug Shots Of Hot But Troubled Guys

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The Gaily Grind has assembled some mug shots that are way hotter than your usual Nick Nolte/Sally Struthers variety.

Whatever disturbances these guys allegedly caused with their behavior, they're inciting a whle other one in the pants of twisted admirers.

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Photos of Me With Fabulous Celebs!

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likeness release, page 2 3.jpeg
It's Norma Desmond time.

I've been going through my inventory and finding lots of instances were I stuck my face in photos with celebrities at various parties (often when they were hosting bashes for me or vice versa).

Humor me and enjoy these images of yours truly with:

*Liberace (above photo by Marc Bryan-Brown; I'm the one on the right)

*Famed prostie Divine Brown

*Jack Wrangler and Margaret Whiting

*Eddie Fisher (yes, I'm dressed as a cockroach; don't ask)

*Porn god Joey Stefano (with Robin Byrd and Chip Duckett; photo by Tina Paul)

*Jocelyn Wildenstein

*Beverly hilllbilly Donna Douglas (photo by Patrick McMullan)

*And spunky singer/actress Pia Zadora.

Regrets, I've had a few, but then again...the outfits were fabulous!

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Paige Turner Will Fuck For A Cosmo

Who can't relate to this zesty photo spread of the triumphs and travails of NYC living, photographed by the golden Alexander D'Or and starring drag head-turner Paige Turner?

All in a day's work, Paige goes gaily shopping, offers sex for booze, chases after a mugger in an unspeakable hoodie, and reveals seductive body parts while hailing a cab.

And when she gets to her destination, I bet she'll offer more sex for more booze!

She's the new Holly Golightly, but as is delightfully common on the cross-dress scene, she goes heavily on the makeup and fashion.

As Dolly Parton once famously said, "It costa lotta money to look this cheap!"

The dress is by Sam Brooks. And D'Or's website, if you want more, is

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Sophia Loren: A Tomato for All Seasonings

In this latest photo totem pole, Oscar winner Sophia Loren proves she's always been one big, tasty slice of lasagna with extra sauce.

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