Blow Me! Is The Literary Work Of The Year

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For a certain demographic, anyway.

And it definitely has the official description of the decade:

"93% of all men are into oral sex, as a German survey claims.

"The fact that approximately 80% of them don't know how to perform a good blow job or how to contribute to a good performance as a receiver isn't mentioned in that survey.

"Blow Me! gives you a competent introduction to deep throat.

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Fellatio Advice From Damon Wayans

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The salty comedian's advice is specifically for women servicing men, but it can be applied to just about anyone who likes noodles, I'm quite sure.

(1) "Make your man think he has the biggest, baddest penis on the planet."

I.e., lie.

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Immediately After Orgasming, Do You...

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*Roll over and fall asleep, feeling that the sex act is over and there's nowhere else to go from there?

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I Thought Grindr Didn't Allow Dirty Pictures In The User Profiles

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That's what the founder/CEO told me in a recent interview.

But then came the story that Puerto Rican senator Roberto Arango was showing all kinds of shit -- literally -- in his Grindr profile.

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"Bisexuals Exist" Says University Study!

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One of my most controversial blogs ever was the one in which I noted that various gay male friends who'd originally swore to me that they were bisexuals turned out to be just closeted gay men with no more attraction to women than I had.

In the blog, I asked people to tell me their experiences of meeting real bisexuals just to restore my faith in the concept.

I'm not that dumb -- I knew there must be some real ones out there.

And people responded with furor and even some names.

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The Vagina Myth: Where Did It Start?

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I'm not talking about the story going around that they exist.

I have it on very good authority that they actually do!

I'm referring to the famed and oft repeated tale that vaginas always ... um, er, how can I delicately put this ... um, er ...

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"Obscene Diary" Show Of Porn At Museum of Sex

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"Obscene Diary: The Secret Archive of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Pornographer" features some interesting artifacts, as I learned at last night's Museum of Sex opening:

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The Best Place To Hook Up In NYC

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I haven't actually scored there, mind you.

But whenever I go to such a place, I can smell the desperation and can sense the sexual urgency pulsing through the room along with the two-for-one margaritas and over-touched bar nuts.

I'm talking about a ...

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Bad After-Sex Etiquette Alert!

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A lot of guys have it!

Even straight guys!

According to a new book called The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags:

"How a guy treats you right after sex can be just as important as how he treats you during it.

"Turning on SportsCenter, checking his e-mail, or simply saying something irrelevant, like 'I think I'm going to buy a water purifier,' after he was just inside you, is off-putting to say the least."

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Masturbation in a Relationship: OK?

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I'm not in a relationship -- except with my public image -- so I'm ignorant to all things interpersonal.

And that's why I'm turning to you more emotionally healthy people.

Please tell me:

When you're deeply committed to another person to the point of monogamy, does jerking off count as cheating?

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