Beyonce, Streisand, and Willow Smith Bring Back The Movie Musical

Last year, Burlesque was the only musical to hit the screen (unlike you count Camp Rock 2 and Scott Pilgrim), but somehow that was enough to make the genre catch fire again.

No fewer than three major divas are going ahead with large-scale movie musicals.

And interestingly, every one of them is a remake of a past movie musical.

Nostalgia is totally what it used to be!

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Christie Brinkley Singing and Dancing?

brinkley sings.jpg
When it was announced last week that model-turned-divorcee Christie Brinkley was going to play Roxie Hart in Broadway's Chicago revival, someone on "All That Chat" posted the immortal comment, "World to end. Story at 11."

But the woman can kinda sorta dance right? After all, she strutted around that classic "Uptown Girl" video without falling down.

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Don't Take The Road To Qatar!

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At the York Theatre Company, The Road To Qatar! is a slap-happy show about the real-life saga of two nerds who got hired to write a musical in the title country in 2005.

The result is genial and peppy and basically comes off like an extended bit from an old variety show.

And that's the problem.

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Spider-Man Dish From Its Biggest Hater

CLICK HERE for my hilarious interview with the guy who's most out to spray Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark out of its web and into the Broadway trash pail.

He explains why this is one project that fills him with arachnophobia.

"But it's in previews!" I keep repeating.

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Patti LuPone Is Great For 'Hello, Dolly!'

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patti lupone from her site.jpg
Two-time Tony winner Patti LuPone is in talks to star in a revival of Hello, Dolly! and already the chatterati are concerned.

"Does she have the warmth for the role?" some of them are nattering on various bored boards.

Um, yes she does.

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Spider-Man Injury: Should They Turn ON The Dark?

Broadway's currently previewing Spider-Man: Turn off The Dark has been plagued with so much bad press and rotten luck (and possibly hubris) that they should win international kudos if they manage to limp to opening night, let alone to triumph.

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Will Spider-Man Fly?

It sounded good on paper:

Julie Taymor. Bono and The Edge. A Marvel comic classic.

But the reality is that superheroes generally don't fly on Broadway, unless you count Thoroughly Modern Millie, ba-dum-pum.

And when a show is so elaborately technologically based, there are bound to be major foul-ups -- like actors getting suspended over the audience or getting hit by pieces of scenery, other pieces not even there when they're supposed to be.

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Here's My Newest Broadway Show Idea

michale jackson pepsi.jpg
There's a Broadway musical on the boards called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, which got pretty favorable reviews, right?

So I've got a great new idea:

A show called Bloody Bloody Michael Jackson!

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Worst Church Musical Number Ever!


Praising Jesus doesn't necessarily mean he'll help you find all the notes, but there's something touchingly sincere about this ragged and desperate performance of a spiritual, done in a church in the deep South.

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More Info on Donna Murphy's Holocaust Show

I recently relayed's breaking news about Tony winner Donna Murphy's participation in a show dealing with Holocaust victims and survivors, which is on its merry way to Broadway.

Well, apparently, it's a musical comedy!

I've linked the new lemonwade report, which tells you some of the details of the play, like the fact that it was originally called Laughing Matters, it spans three generations of Jewish women, and it's written by the woman who wrote the book Beaches.

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