Florida Wants More Gays!

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And they already have more than Ikea on Super Bowl Sunday. (Yes, that tired joke again.)

See, I went to a Florida LGBT tourism reception the other night at Humphrey's at the Eventi Hotel and was told by Richard Gray of the city's Convention and Visitors Bureau that the number one air route in America these days is New York City to Fort Lauderdale! More than NYC to L.A.!

"And what awaits the gays in Lauderdale?" I asked (as if I didn't know.)

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I Stayed at Gloria Estefan's Hotel In Miami!

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In the heart of South Beach, the Cardozo Hotel is authentically Latin in flavor, and has wonderfully warm wood surfaces everywhere, offset by leopard-print floors in the halls.

It's very Xavier Cugat meets snowless ski lodge.

And the Estefan merch is everywhere--Gloria's new CD in the room and hubby Emilio's book The Rhythm of Success is for sale at the front desk--and let's not forget they raised money for Obama!

I was down there for the Borscht festival of experimental films, and enjoyed reconnecting with Miami, which seems to be rebounding after a slow stretch.

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Getting Over Fear of Flying: I Think I've Done It!

I generally spend entire flights either staring at my watch to see how many seconds are left or locking myself in the bathroom and pretending I'm anywhere else.

But on my round-trip to Florida the other week, I was as composed as a runway model!

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Win a Free Month on JetBlue!

You heard me!

The newest gala La Daily Musto contest allows you to win unlimited JetBlue usage from September 7 through October 6 (with various conditions and provisions explained in detail below)!

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Airline Might Charge For Bathroom Visits!

Spirit Airlines just announced a fee for carry-on bags put in the overhead, but now the Dublin-based Ryanair is going several nervy miles above that.

They're considering charging people every time they use the bathroom on short flights!

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Fat People Will Have To Pay Double To Fly!

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via The Sydney Morning Herald
Don't you just hate it when you're seated on a flight next to a morbidly obese person, and their rolls of flesh spill onto your lap and interfere with your coffee drinking?

Or perhaps you're a morbidly obsese person and you feel wildly embarrassed when your own bodily overkill does that to someone else for nine hours of airborne torture?

Well, on Air France-KLM, that won't be happening anymore starting February 1!

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America's Most Overrated Tourist Attractions

Click here and find one travel writer's idea of the most hyped U.S. attractions that leave you appreciating your home the most intensely.

Among his choices for the sorriest destinations are:

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The Horror of Airline Travel in 2009

You grab a cab to the airport, leaving the house two hours and 15 minutes before your flight. You get stuck in unexpected bumper-to-bumper traffic that makes you wonder if all your planning was in vain. Miraculously, you get there.

You have to check in quickly, but because they've slashed the staff so drastically, there are only two clerks working hundreds of passengers. With some gentle pushing, shoving, and whining, you make it to the front.

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Tell Me Your Worst Airplane Experiences!

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I was once on a flight from London to New York when a loud bang seemed to hit the body of the plane. I went into in a panic, certain something mechanical had died and soon enough I'd be joining it. "What's going on?" I asked the flight attendant, sweating torpedoes. "I'm just collecting orange rinds," she replied, smiling, "because you can't bring fruit across continents." "Not that, dingbat!" I shrieked. "I don't give a shit about orange rinds! What about that ghastly boom I just heard?"

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