Never Nominated For An Oscar...

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There are actors (like Peter O'Toole and Glenn Close) who've gotten nominated a whole lot of times and never won. Yet.

But how about the ones who've never even been nominated? In the case of the dead ones, I'm pretty sure they never will be! Now that's gotta hurt.

Here are some of the top omissions in Oscar's history thus far, IMHO:

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The Best Non-Nominated Performances This Year

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Not to take anything away from the fine nominees for this year's Oscar's acting categories, but there were five people--all men, it seems--who I feel were robbed of a nod, and I'm here to graciously present them with La Daily Musto nominations to make up for that. You're welcome, guys.

They are:

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James Franco Was Going To Do Cher!

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I mean, you know, dress like Cher.

On the Oscars.

But an unexpected occurrence got in the way of that, so he got dolled up as Marilyn instead.

Click here for my breezy Q&A with funnyman-slash-Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch, and that will all be gorgeously explained, with full accessories.

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YouTube Treasure: Mitzi Does "Georgy Girl"

As the Oscars approach, the time is ripe for some archival Best Song footage--like Mitzi Gaynor bouncing through the nominated tune "Georgy Girl," a sweet, rollicking ditty about a plump but lovable British bird.

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Your Favorite Oscar Moment?

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One of mine was centuries ago, when presenter Goldie Hawn opened the envelope and giggled as she announced, "Oh my God, it's George C. Scott!"

See, Scott--who felt awards are dumb--had actively campaigned against the whole process and patently refused to show up. How sad for him that he bagged the trophy.

Another was the signing version of "You Light Up My Life" done by Debbie Boone and children who it later turned out weren't deaf at all.

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Jeff Bridges' Oscar Showdown in Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart is basically Jeff Bridges' The Wrestler.

You know, a has-been has to do degrading things to make money, while trying to repair his troubled relationship with the child he abandoned, as a good woman overcomes all doubts and aims to save his soul (and her own).

It's also his Tender Mercies (after all, Robert Duvall coproduced and costars) mixed with a bit of his True Grit, the one about an over-the-hill lawman rallying for last-chance heroics.

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Who's The Worst Actress in Movies?

We unanimously decided last week that the worst male actor is...a lot of people.

But as the Oscars approach, who's the worst female movie star?

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My Oscar Nominations Predictions!

The nominations come out the morning of February 2nd, but I've had my predix ready since last July.

They are:

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