The Funniest Celebrity Tweets Are Written By...

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Ruth Buzzi, the hilarious, rubber-faced comic best known for Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, the swinging comedy revue that dominated TV from 1968 to '73.

Ruthie is retired from show biz and living in Texas, but she's still cranking out a whole mess of fun missives on Twitter--so fun they're good enough for Laugh-In.

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Do You Follow Any Celebs on Twitter?

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Lord knows I do.Part of the fun of the whole thing is that you can chase, I mean follow, anyone you want!

(It's not like Facebook, where both parties have to approve of the relationship. Twitter is so much easier for those with stars in their eyes! You just click and follow!)

On Twitter, I'm extremely, really, very, very closerthanthis with biggies like Adam Lambert, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Jane Fonda, Maria Shriver, Rosie O'Donnell, and so many more.

(Notice Charlie Sheen is not on that list. I'm not much of an enabler.)

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Escaped Flight Attendant Is Following Me on Twitter

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I was on Nightline last night, talking about the allure of Steven Slater, the gay flight attendant who, fed up with an unruly passenger, gave an impassioned speech over the loudspeaker, then went out through the escape hatch.

With a twinkle, I said that Slater is a formidable personage for our time, and I couldn't wait to run home and follow his Tweets.

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Why People Twitter

Now that I've finally joined the twitterati kicking and screaming, I've found out why people do this thing all day.

It's sometimes to send links and information--a noble gesture, though one wonders why people appoint themselves the unpaid info spreaders of the web through eternity.

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