My Angelina Cover Made The Daily News Today!

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The newspaper's spicy Confidential column ran the cover, along with my comments on whether I'm really wearing high heels or they were added later.

Thank you, Brian Niemitz and Carson Griffith for spilling my secrets so entertainingly.

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Anne Hathaway Presenting at the Village Voice Obie Awards!

Did you see Saturday's Page Six? It reported that Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway is going to be a presenter at our very own Obie awards for off- and off-off-Broadway on Monday May 18! This is extremely exciting news, and I've already gotten over the fact that it will probably get more attention than the fact that I'm hosting the after-event.

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Tickets Available For Obies' New "Creative Block" Show

This very paper's 54th Annual OBIE awards will take place on Monday, May 18, at the newly landmarked Webster Hall. And I shall be there for sure, not only to celebrate off-Broadway's brightest stars, but to host a whole new exciting part of the evening while kissing my employer's ass.

Says the press release, "We're introducing CREATIVE BLOCK & OBIES AFTER PARTY, a huge multidisciplinary arts event that will include burlesque, digital art, performance art, dance and fiber arts from New York's creative emerging artists and avant-garde underground. Running in tandem with the awards ceremony, Creative Block will also be held in Webster Hall's rooms with diverse and innovative talents from across many disciplines, adding to both the fun and spirit of the Obie Awards."

And one of the hosts-slash-spokesmodels of the whole shebang is little old ME! Come on down and let's be multidisciplinary together.

Tickets for Creative Block are available for $15. General admission beginning 8:30 pm.