You Tube Treasure: The Singing And Dancing Kessler Twins

Alice and Ellen Kessler were bigger in their native Germany than in the US, but they did make a splash here on some variety shows, not to mention appearing in the Robert Aldrich-directed international film The Last Days Of Sodom and Gomorrah, where they added to the ritualized depravity.

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YouTube Treasure: Eurodisco At Its Absolute Zaniest

Baccara is not a brand of unfinished crystal.

It was a Spanish female pop/disco duo who looked like Little Nell meets Pinky Tuscadero, and whose sound came off like half of ABBA--or maybe like all of Pink Lady--but with a lot more teeth and legs.

They're dressed here in skimpy pink beaded usherette costumes complete with naughty gold pumps, indulging in wacky choreography as they emit their girly vocals on some highly contagious nonsense syllables.

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Plus-Sized Brazilian Semi-Erotic Dance!

And it's performed in a room with fabulously clashing textures, kitsch art, seafoam-green green walls, and a potted plant.

As a shrieking observer yelps disbelieving yet enthusiastic narration.

Culminating with a very mammalicious leap into a pool surrounded by some other shrieking observers.

That's all I can say about this short but eye-popping video, which is eminently worth your 1:19.

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Naked Guy On The Weather Channel!

Here's more proof that this natural disaster is blowing in some welcome quirks.

They should rename it Hurricane Dick.

Gwen Verdon Dancing With Barry Bostwick, Lisa Hartman, And Barbi Benton

Along with Paula Kelly, Judy Landers, and Sandahl Bergman.

All dancercizing around in the weighty '80s.

To a Pointer Sisters song.

So weird. So '80s. So "Let's Get Physical."

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Madonna Should Re-Do Her Songs

And make them Jewish!

That's comic Brian Einersen's view anyway.

After all, she years ago gave up her Christian background in favor of the Kabbalah.

So Brian says Madonna needs to re-record her hits and instead sing:

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A New Erasure Video Featuring Moi

I'm in the new video for the classic Erasure song "A Little Respect," the one we've all been known to dance to in a drunken stupor while begging for our proppers.

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The Most Fabulous Video I've Ever Done

Please indulge my Norma Desmond-like obsession with the past just one more time -- today -- and watch this YouTube classic, filmed at the notorious Limelight club by Nelson Sullivan sometime in the carefree '80s.

It has me in a glorious gown and stunning red braid, doing an impression of Ann-Margret as if re-conceived by Andy Warhol, Timothy Leary, and Diana Vreeland in a very dark alley.

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YouTube Treasure: News Anchor Calls Blind Man Gay

gay blind.jpg
Talk about confusing your disabilities, ba dum pum.

This short but sweet 2006 clip has a rattled TV anchor saying that upcoming on the program is an interview with a man who climbed Mount Everest -- and he's gay! And then she quickly corrects herself to say, er, I mean he's blind!

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Barbara Eden at Disco 2000

musto barbara eden.png
OMG. This just went up on YouTube.

It's a clip of I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden receiving a "Nightlife Achievement award" from yours truly, dressed as a gay genie, while drag star Lahoma Van Zandt twirls around with a contagious glee.

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