Yes We Can: Obama Pride, Through Kicks

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The brand new blog A little Honey has come across some awesome customized Obama Air Force One low-top sneakers. "Oh wow" is really all that can be said.

Barney's Warehouse Madness has Begun

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Rather than Valentine's Day, which is lame no matter where you stand on the spectrum of involved-ness, let's think of today as Barney's Warehouse Sale Day. Yes, folks, it has begun, and we will drink to that, but let's not lose our heads. Racked has a report from the front-lines this morning, (actually, they have about six posts so far) where shoppers were lined up, waiting to get inside. People! The sale goes until March 2.

Fashion Week Recap: Toilet Paper Huge at Sean John

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Photo courtesy MAO

If you've ever attended the shows at Fashion Week, you know that reading Lynn Yaeger's diary about that experience is a lot more fun that partaking in it first-hand. This time around, Yaeger gets distracted by Forever 21, dissed by Diane Von Furstenberg, sees a boob at Betsey Johnson's show, and witnesses the unbelievable at the Sean John show: a model makes it all the way down the runway with toilet paper trailing from her shoe! Oh, the horror. It's too good. (This reminds me of when my sister would pray for the baton-twirlers to drop their stick during the Macy's parade.)

But the best part might be this:

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Steene Keene Has Relocated

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Steve Keene, who makes art that even we can afford, has moved his store a few blocks. If you've never been, bring about ten bucks over there this Sunday (or by appointment) and stock up on presents and decorations for your whole family. The girl head pictured above is our latest score. It cost about $3.

Check out the SKSK blog for your further news and musings.

Steve Keene

93 Guernsey Street

for appointments:

Project Runway Sucks

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OMG, is that from American Apparel??

Here's the thing. I know I'm no great thinker. My entertainment choices are nothing to be proud of. If I had DVR, I would probably tape The Real Housewives of Orange County. When I see a heinous accident on the highway, my urge is to pull over and take photos. But Project Runway (which I love and will watch as long as it's on, despite the headline of this post) is beginning to offend my intellect.

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Could Fort Greene be Home to a Really Good Flea Market?

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The folks at Brownstoner have just launched a new blog, Brooklyn Flea, documenting the process of opening their flea market, which is scheduled for April 7. This is also an opportunity for y'all to chime in with your opinions. We are excited to hear that the space, in the Bishop Loughlin schoolyard on Lafayette Avenue is big—40,000 square-feet. We are slightly wary of flea markets that give a lot of space to local craft-type stuff. Maybe it's just us, but we want vintage furniture more than anything else. But there should be room for everyone here, and we are rooting for a flea market renaissance!

Project Runway's Asian: Fierce but No Cigar

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Here is a picture of the mean Asian randomly sewing a bunch of denim onto the bottom of a jacket she probably snatched out of someone else's arms to begin with because, as she likes to announce, she's competitive.

Well, even though the fat guy made a dress that would only be appropriate for the love interest in a Color Me Badd video, he's hanging in for another week. It seems Bravo couldn't resist a bitch-off between Jillian and Victorya's heinous coat-dress-things. Jillian's might have been even uglier, but at least it seemed harder to make, and there you have it.

Other things that happened in this episode:

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The Christmas List: For the Pothead in Your Life

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This year, ditch the film canister, the baggy, and the recycled spice jar for a pretty little weed box from Jonathan Adler. Santa would want you to be stylishly stoned. Mary Jane Jar, $50.

Uniqlo Sample Sale!

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We kind of don't even want to tell you about this one, because that may mean fewer jeans left for us (yes, there will be denim at this sale.) Uniqlo's sample sale starts Wednesday, the 26th, at 9AM, so nurse that Christmas hangover with these prices:

Knit tops- $5.00

Sweaters- $10.00

Woven Tops- $10.00

Bottoms- $10.00

Cashmere- $15.00

Jackets- $20.00

The sale ends when the goods are all snatched up.


546 Broadway

$10 and Under: Threadster's Guide to Stocking Stuffers

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Our beloved Lynn Yaeger has put together a perfectly loony Under $5 Gift Guide this week, and we thought we'd follow her lead with some picks under $10.

First, you can make your own stocking to stuff with directions from Cathy Moore.

And now, to stuff that baby:

Urban Outfitters' Snow Globe Frame, $6.

Shrink-to-Fit Rope Bracelets from The Spoon Sisters, $3.50 each.

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