Lynn Yaeger and a Bunch of Pretty Young Boys

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This week, Lynn Yaeger hung out behind the scenes of fashion week to bring us a little slice of life among male models. We have a few friends who would be quite jealous of this proximity to waifish pretty boys. As the designers of Duckie Brown searched for the right all-American looking "boys," Yaeger watched and tried to chat with them. (Did they not have much to say because they're shy? Nervous? Or do they just not have much to say?)

This is not what our jobs are like:

Watching the casting is mesmerizing, like staring at a super-sexy lava lamp. One hot guy after another is asked to walk down a long hallway so his gait can be subtly assessed by the Duckie team—if he passes muster (just the right swagger, just the right bump), he moves on to step two, which requires him to drop trou, revealing in most cases a pair of boxer briefs. Then he dons whatever outfit the Duckies deem perfect for him—in one notable case, a symphony of giant mismatched floral prints, so huge and garish it could get you thrown out of a carnival sideshow. "He's beautiful, and he has a sexy walk, too—he has a swagger in the tush!" Silver says of the model.

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