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“Okay, I gave this a lot of thought,” Porchetta chef Jason Neroni said, after having a night to think about his fantasy last meal. “It couldn’t be just one dish. There are a couple of things I'd want to snack on.” We think this is quite understandable for a dead man walking.

Neroni’s last meal is simple and, in a way, an ode to New York. It centers on a 22-day aged porterhouse from Peter Luger. “No accoutrements,” he said. “Maybe just a little Luger sauce on the side.”

With it, he would have pommes frites from Second Avenue with plain mayonnaise, rather than one of their many souped -up dippers.

Now comes the curve ball: General Tso’s chicken “from a good takeout place,” Neroni explained. “It’s hard to find, but there are some places.”

The chef would wash the smorgasbord down with a Brooklyn Lager and a Blanton bourbon with a couple of rocks.

Would he just pick around? “I would mow it all,” he declared.


241 Smith Street
(718) 237-9100

Peter Luger:

178 Broadway


(718) 387-7400

Pommes Frites:

123 Second Avenue

between 7the and 8th

(212) 674-1234

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