Yacht Club Secrets Revealed

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From what we can gather, the Gowanus Yacht Club might open next weekend, depending on the weather. In order to ready ourselves for the season, we had a revealing chat with a former employee, who shared some details we kind of wish s/he hadn't. Like the fact of a grate on the floor of the storage area (right by the meat fridge) where "in an emergency, if it was really crowded, a male employee would pee." But we know there's been a renovation effort during the off-season, and we're going to assume these practices are of the past.

Just in case you're not so trusting, some other advice from our informant: "I would say don't have any onions on your hot-dog." The bathroom has been upgraded, we hear, but it's still just the one, so our tipster also shared that the Eckerd across the street has a bathroom.

Other changes, according to our source: the outdoor keg party will be an entirely smoke-free affair from now on, and salad has been added to the menu. And finally, the "Duff" beer, which will be undergoing a price hike this year, is not, as has been rumored and reported, Budweiser, but actually Busch Light.

The Gowanus Yacht Club

323 Smith Street

(718) 246-1321

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