And the Steamiest Chef Award Goes to...

Categories: PSA

Much to our delight, Eater brings us news of Glad's Steamiest Chef Contest today, which comes with some truly alarming photos of the front-runner, hot diabetic Sam Talbot. The other contestants, in order of hotness -- according to the voters -- are: sparkly-eyed Dave Lieberman, elaborately manicured G. Garvin, forever head-banded Govind Armstrong, and in last place, Paladar's Aaron Sanchez, who is also competing to become the next Iron Chef.

Eater says: "The magic of Sam Talbot is that despite these photos... perhaps the most aggressively douchey shots of a chef ever taken, you ladies still want to do him." We actually would like it on-record that we no longer want to do him. I mean, we would, but we're now indifferent. The tat is bad, the pepper mill's real bad, and his answer to the question "Why am I the steamiest?" begins with this sentence: "Even in its simplest form cooking can be very sensual". Gross.

We're certainly not going to enter Eater's contest to (maybe) win a date with Talbot, or Glad's, but maybe you should.

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