Could it be Top Chef Sara?

Categories: TV is the Best

Last night, Top Chef might have made up for the crimes of last week. Many guest appearances aided in this effort, like Madonna's brother, who also has a touch of an English accent, Steven the sommelier, our favorite Top Chef dick-head ever (Dale called him an "ostentatious chatterbox"), Lia, Camille, Joey, and one majorly-cleavaged Sarah.

But it was the quick-fire challenge that really won us over. Specifically, it was watching Casey's disastrous onion-chopping effort during the mise-en-place relay. First, she said "it's not brain surgery," and then she was lapped! Oh, wonderful, painful reality TV.

But here's the question were left with: could our theory of a women's movement within Top Chef come true after all? Sara really reminded us of, well, a chef, in terms of her decisiveness and focus...

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