America's Best Mint Julep

On our visit to New Orleans last week, we had to stop by the Library Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton, where Chris McMillian, one of the founders of the Museum of the American Cocktail, is famous for his perfect juleps. As he muddles the mint and crushes the ice with a giant wooden mallet, he recites a 19th century ode to the drink, in perfect timing.

But his days at the bar are numbered. The Library Lounge is being revamped as a cigar lounge, and while McMillian, who has been at the Ritz for seven years, will remain at the hotel, in the main bar, we wonder whether if the shift will work. This is just "drinkie" speculation, but is there a chance he could be bringing the bourbon to a new town in the not-so-distant future? After all, cities like our own have become obsessed with mixology and the mastery of classic cocktails.

EfV: Back and Fatter than Ever

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You know when you go to a memorial service for someone and they have pictures of him or her through the years? I'm pretty sure that at mine, there will just be a big collage of plates of food, since that's all the evidence that exists of me. I just returned from a week in Austin and New Orleans, and I'm fat now. Forgive me if I can only blog about salad for a few days. But first, a look back at how I became obese in 5 days.


I may have to marry this pitmaster, who tends to the beef ribs, brisket, sausages, pork ribs, and giant pork chops at Cooper's, in Llano, Texas. We drove an hour and a half from Austin for this meal (a Sietsema recommendation), and I would be willing to go to much greater lengths. Folks, I never truly understood barbecue until that first bite, but now I'm a believer.


We are ladies who know how to lunch.

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EFV Loves You from Afar

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Hey friends, we are away on vacation this week, eating our way through Austin and New Orleans. Thanks, Sietsema, for the tips. So far, we had a deliciously greasy burger at Dirty Martin's Place (the Kum Back Inn). Today, BBQ in sheepland!

Deliciousness Tour Ends Tonight with Red Hook Party

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The 摘at Well Guided Tour of America" has been going on since the beginning of August, when Diane Hatz, who founded Sustainable Table, it the road in West Hollywood (in a bio-fueled bus, of course). She's been touring the country, eating local pies and all the bounty of summer, and tonight the tour culminates in Hudson Valley. Everyone is invited to a barbecue in red Hook (not Brooklyn, but upstate New York), to feast on Berkshire pork and heirloom tomatoes, local cheese, live music, and a pie contest at Gigi Market.

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EfV on the Road: Cheese Curds, Custard

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For the first time in several years, EfV boarded an airplane on Friday, for a luxurious weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. There were a lot of white people there, which can make a person feel weird, but there was also a lot of cheese, a huge farmer's market, homemade root beer, and real frozen custard. Those things made us feel quite at home. It's not our intention to torture you, dear readers. At least you can order the custard online.


It looked better before we mixed it all up and ate half of it, but try to imagine the house specialty at Michael's: rich, dense vanilla custard with caramel and salty roasted pecans.


And this, kids, is a fried cheese curd. Think mozzarella stick, but smaller, saltier, chewier, and cheddar-er.

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