Restaurant Girl's Dirty Little Habit

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We'd love to have better things to do than comment on this, but we feel compelled to raise one small point in the case of the restaurant critic—believed to be Restaurant Girl, a/k/a Danyelle Freeman—who left her notebook behind at Brasserie 44. (Freeman's review of the restaurant appears in today's Daily News.)

Unsurprisingly, Joshua David Stein, at Gawker, has the meanest reaction to the RG blunder, while Josh Ozersky at Grub Street says "who cares?" In his opinion, it's just an inconsequential case of sloppiness. For our part, we're more alarmed by the existence of the notebook itself than the leaving of it. None of the critics we know take notes in restaurants at all. That would seem a tad conspicuous, but then again, they also don't have their head-shots published with their columns.

Food Network: Emeril Out, Batali Close Behind?

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The New York Times' article about the Food Network today was probably most remarkable for its totally incomprehensible photo illustration, which we would love to show you, but then they would get mad. So, just check it out, and then please let us know what is going on. Is the idea that people are throwing tomatoes at the TV??

Aside from that, the article, which ran in the Business section, details the changing winds over at Food TV, which representatives from the channel describe as "broadening" and "becoming a brand." This brand stuff means taking big-mouthed nobodies and making them famous, and then owning them completely, rather than capitalizing on the reputation of well-known chefs, as it did originally. And it makes sense. For them.

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Locavorism Gets a Little Easier for New Yorkers

We like to cook with the seasons, mostly because the tomatoes we have access to right now aren't worth eating, but the idea of becoming an official locavore is a bit intimidating. (Also, we love dirty ethnic eats way too much.) But for stocking the cabinets at home, the Locavore's Guide to New York City, by blogger Leda Meredith, which lists how many miles from the City each producer is located, will surely come in handy—whether you're a fundamentalist locavore or a moderate. Some sections, like dairy, are more useful than others, like nuts and seeds. If you have tips, they are welcome at

Locavore: Oxford Word of the Year

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Nice work, Greenmarket fanatics. The New Oxford American Dictionary announces today that Locavore is not only a word, but their chosen word of the year.

“The word ‘locavore’ shows how food-lovers can enjoy what they eat while still appreciating the impact they have on the environment,” said Ben Zimmer, editor for American dictionaries at Oxford University Press. “It’s significant in that it brings together eating and ecology in a new way.”

Just FYI, some of the runners-up include cougar (as in old lady slut), mumblecore, and tase (the verb).

New Yorkers are Just Naturally Stressed Out

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As we sat sipping coffee from an over-sized mug this morning, we were surprised to find out that, according to a new study, New York is the third-least caffeinated cities in the country. We were not surprised that those hippies in San Fransisco were on that list, or the laid-back kids in Philly. But not us! And more surprising, Tampa is the second-most hopped up city. Tampa?

Jerry Seinfeld Shills for McDonald's

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It must be confusing being a Seinfeld spawn. At home, you've got Mom's spinach-loded brownies (do those really fool you?) but then you put on the TV and Dad's saying "At least there's always breakfast!" in reference to a McDonald's sausage McMuffin.

We happened to see the commercial last night and the timing made us cringe a bit. Turns out we're not the first to notice.

Food Work Almost as Depressing as Diaper Changing

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You know your roommate is super cranky when she gets home from her waitressing job? And she can only curl up with a little whisky and grunt at you? Don't be so hard on her, she's in the second most depressing profession there is. According to a government report brought to our attention by Our Man Sietsema, food industry workers are almost as depressed as people who change the diapers of the elderly!

Confirmed: Gwyneth Not Worthy of Spain

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Since hearing about the new food/travel show with Gwyneth Paltrow, Mario Batali, Mark Bittman, and Spanish actress Bassols, I've been wondering if Gwyneth is still a macrobiotic vegetarian raw food whatever she is, and apparently the answer is yes. The show, "Spain ... on the road again" is filming now for PBS, and Pop Sugar has this quote from Gwyneth, who was a foreign exchange student in Spain during high school:

"I think my Spanish father will kill me when I refuse to eat jamon Jabugo. [But] I haven't eaten anything from a four-footed animal since I was about 15."

Boo hiss! Can he adopt me instead? If I was willing to wear a Yankee uniform around the house for my real dad until puberty, I can definitely make this pig lover proud.

Musto Goes to the Vendys, Finds no Hot Dogs

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Another one of Our Men, Michael Musto, steps into the food world this week. On Saturday, he was one of the judges -- and the one to announce the winner at the Vendy Awards. Here's what he had to say:

Street vendors of all nations gathered in Tompkins Square Park last Saturday for the Vendy Award finals, which I judged while trying to maintain a waist. I expected piles of hot dogs, but instead was lavished with ox tails, soy drumsticks, and something even the vendor couldn't identify. The best attitude belonged to the taco lady who, when I announced myself as a judge, ballsily served someone else first. She left before the proceedings were even finished, and fellow judge Mo Roca swore she'd been carted out by immigration, though it was probably just Bill O'Reilly. The top winner was Thiru "Dosa Man" Kumar from NY Dosas, who vowed to keep not killing animals.

He told me the Dosa Man had been his personal favorite. Meanwhile, why does Mo Roca still exist? Bleah. Check out lots of cool photos of the festivities, which included dancing girls, here.

The Vendy Awards: Dosa Man Rules, Finally

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This year, we failed to make it to the Vendy Awards before the food started running out, but we were there to cheer for the Dosa Man, Thiru Kumar, when he finally won first place. It was a touching moment, because Kumar has been a finalist each year (this was the third). In the Vendy Award program, Kumar says there are some things he still misses about Sri Lanka. "I love the water, and my best memories are of swimming in the ocean that surrounds Sri Lanka. I still love to swim, and now I go on Long Island at Jones Beach, which is almost as good."

Aw, Dosa Man. If you've never visited him in Washington Square Park (Washington Square South & Sullivan Street), uh, you're a weirdo. Also, stay tuned for Michael Musto's take on the event. He was a judge, and announced the winner.

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