New Sandwiches Replace Old Sandwiches

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We're not sure why the space that was Daniele's Piadina, on 22nd street just east of Sixth Avenue, was empty for two years, but a new sandwich shop is moving into its place. Ashby's, a take-out place serving sandwiches and design-your-own salads, will be open on Monday. Ashby's is a chain and previously had a location on 24th and Park Avenue South, until construction plans for a 40-story condo took shape.

When we passed by, Mark Bugzester, who designed the typography for the place, was supervising the placement of the vinyl decals on the glass front. He said that several people had stopped him that day to ask if they could get a sandwich or a coffee. Look at this place. Why are people so stupid?

64 West 22nd Street

(212) 228-7993

Now Hiring: Merkato 55, West Village Grom, Smith Street Wine Bar

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Photo by Brian Meacham

Marcus Samuelsson's Merkato 55 is opening tomorrow, but they still need hosts and reservationists, and line/pastry cooks.

Is coffee the final step in gentrification? Williamsburg just got El Beit, and another espresso bar is supposed to open on Grand Street any day now. They are looking for a barista.

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Contest: "These So-Called Cubanos"


Thomas Vicari, the exuberant and very confident owner of Casa Havana, has issued a challenge through our inbox:

I have eaten and tested over a thousand of these so called cubanos. I have perfected the perfect cuban sandwich.I would like to challenge anyone who says they have the best cuban sandwich! I would like to have your paper The village Voice hold the contest and let the people vote.
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Sixpoint Beer Menu at Jimmy's

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If you are a fan of Sixpoint beers, as we are, you might want to reserve your Monday night for a special event at Jimmy's No. 43. A beer-intensive pre-Valentine's event will feature a menu inspired by/the Brooklyn beers. Several dishes use Sixpoint beers as a cooking ingredient.

Full details after the jump.

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Our Man Sietsema: 'Asking Why is Useless'

Is it acceptable to learn the majority of your history/geography lessons from Robert Sietsema? We feel fine about it. Good Sri Lankan food has arrived in Gramercy, and this week, Our Man walks us through the various influences he tasted.

The restaurant, Nirvana, comes from a Buddhist rather than Muslim or Hindu point of view, which is good for us, because that means there is pork and beef on the menu, but also plenty of vegetarian options.

Sietsema enjoyed the flatbreads called hoppers with vegetarian curry. His favorite entrees came with pittu: "a perfect white cylinder compacted of beaten rice and shredded coconut, which begins to crumble and flake as it lands on your table." This, like the hoppers, comes with a choice of curries, but Sietsema found many of the meat variations bland, until he got lucky and dined on a day when the chef had decided to make a black pork curry:

This signature Sinhalese recipe toasts the spices darkly before grinding them, resulting in a flavor both brooding and complex. And the pork is fatty enough to make the curry glisten in the reflected light of the dining room's wide-screen TV.

218 Third Avenue

DeKalb Ave: No Liquors, No Lamb Sliders?

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Remember Liquors, on DeKalb Avenue in Fort Greene, which, back in November, looked poised to transform into a Moroccan joint that would bring lamb sliders to the hood? Well, a Fort Greene informant close to EfV reports today that the signs and menu are down, and the space once again looks dormant. C'mon people, Fort Greene needs another restaurant! What will these people do come sundown?

Super Fat: Where to Watch the Returns While Eating Jambalaya

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Get your beads ready, people—and your Obama pin or whatever. To celebrate Super Fat Tuesday, South 4th Bar and Cafe, in Williamsburg, is serving up home-made jambalaya, Abita beer, and the election returns on a projection screen. The best part might be that the jambalaya is free and the beers are $3. According to the dude on the phone, one of the proprietors makes a kick-ass jambalaya, and there's a great neighborhood vibe. The food will appear around 7PM, and we can't imagine that will last long.

Super Fat Tuesday:
South 4th Bar

90 South 4th Street (at Berry)


(718) 218-7478

Beer Table Reaps Benefits of Delayed Opening

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When Beer Table finally got its liquor license and opened on Saturday, the crowds came, helping owners Justin and Tricia Philips make up for lost time. Here, some Chowhounds discuss.

Beer Table

427 B 7th Avenue

Park Slope

Serious Coffee Comes to Williamsburg

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A very serious, very well-located coffee bar opened today in Williamsburg. El Beit, on Bedford between 8th and 9th streets, gave coffee away all weekend in order to welcome the neighbors and practice their service routine. We stopped in for a delicious latte on Saturday, and tried to keep up with Dan Griffin, the manager, who taught us all about the beans.

Coffee freaks are kind of like wine freaks, in that the object of their passion is similarly complicated (geography, economy, process), and if you're not one of them, you have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, but it sounds really good and you want a cup/glass. Luckily, our friend Peter Meehan has the mental capacity for all this, and you can get a good education from this article.

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It's a Good One: Gottino's Anchovies

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There are two kinds of people in this world: either the photo above grosses you out or it makes your mouth instantly fill with saliva. I'm in the second camp. Perhaps I have a genetic predilection for loving anchovies. My great grandfather, when asked how he was doing, used to say "like butter and anchovies" instead of something normal like, "good, how are you?"

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