Headed Home to Cincinnati for the Holidays? Here's Where to Eat These Days

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All photos by Adam Robb for the Village Voice
Montgomery Inn ribs are a staple of Cincinnati Night, held monthly at Edward's in Tribeca.
Fork in the Road thinks you should get out of town on occasion, since dozens of destinations lie within just a couple of hours of the city. In this Excursions column, we're covering the best places to eat in popular weekend trip locations. See more Excursions and Summer Fridays ideas in our archives.

If you've been to Edward's in Tribeca for its monthly Cincinnati Night, you've likely heard the regulars say that the best cooking along the Ohio River comes from Skyline Chili and Larosa's. They likely haven't been home in a while. Today, those restaurants don't even make the best drunk food in the Buckeye State. So if you're making the trip Midwest for the holidays to see your family -- or you want to touch down to see how much longer the Bengals can stay in first place on a technicality -- consider eating elsewhere.

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Sixpoint Global Warmer So Controversial It Could Be Censored

Via Sixpoint
This week's Beer in the Headlights is a highly sensitive brew fit for an equally thin-skinned leader. If, in fact, you get to read this review before it is memory-hole'd from the Village Voice website, you should know that the new Global Warmer by Sixpoint Brewing is a decently reviewed red ale. It's not going to knock your socks off or anything. But that's not the point. The point is that you have the right to drink and taste it for yourself. And certain rogue forces want to make sure that never happens.

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Seven Restaurants That Opened in NYC This Week

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Tejal Rao for the Village Voice
Parm's meatball sub
Not even the impending holidays can slow the pace of restaurant openings in this city. If you're sticking around -- or, perhaps, entertaining relatives -- you might check out one of these places. The list includes new locations of popular restaurants Parm and Jack's Wife Freda, a beer hall, and what may be the only Bhutanese restaurant in the boroughs.

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Where to Find an Excellent Array of Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Photos by Laura Shunk, the Village Voice
Few pairings are as ubiquitous in the Western world as ham and cheese. The British began putting the two together at least as early as the 1700s, when, per The Larousse Gastronomique 1961, an Irish immigrant matched pig, Leicester cheese, and a sort of mayo on a roll and sold it to travelers. The French likely married the two sometime around the same era, though one of their most famous ham and cheese sandwich creations, the croque monsieur, a toasty combination traditionally involving gruyère or emmental, didn't appear on menus until the early 20th century. It's now fairly ubiquitous in French bars. In the States, ham and cheese is a lunch staple, and in the late 19th century, it -- not hot dogs -- went hand in hand with a day at the ballpark.

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ReCaFo Aims to Dominate the World With Jamaican Food

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All photos courtesy ReCaFo
In 2011, David Wisdom emigrated to the United States from Jamaica. Armed with some entrepreneurial experience, he hoped to hit it big in New York. The young businessman discovered a lack of accessible Jamaican fare throughout the non-ethnic areas of the city. With a desire to expose Americans to the food of his country of origin, he opened the doors to ReCaFo (31-00 47th Avenue, Queens; 855-373-2236), a fast-casual concept specializing in "Real Caribbean Food." Just one year after opening the first location, Wisdom and his team are preparing to expand to a new location in Industry City in just a couple weeks.

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The Five Best NYC-Made Sweet Treats for the Holidays

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Photo courtesy Dominique Ansel
Peppermint Brittle ($18)
Between bringing gifts to party hosts and buying actual presents for friends and family, chances are you're over thinking about what to get. And that's why we've rounded up a list of great seasonal sweets to hand out for the holidays.

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This Weekend's Five Best Holiday Markets

LIC Food and Flea/Facebook
Did you wait to the last minute to get a gift?

If SantaCon ruined last weekend's plans, you might be in the mood for something a little more traditional when it comes to the holiday spirit. And if you participated, well, it's probably best to take it easy for a while. So in this edition of our events post, we're highlighting five festive holiday markets -- with food offerings called out, of course -- to consider checking out before time runs out.

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Is WhistlePig's Boss Hog Worth Its Hefty Price Tag?

Courtesy WhistlePig
Rye whiskey fans take note: WhistlePig has released the 2014 version of the vaunted Boss Hog. The ultra-premium expression will fetch upwards of $175 per 750mL bottle. Although it doesn't take much to recognize the quality craftsmanship of this spectacular single-barrel spirit, is it worth the steep price tag? Let's delve deeper into the glass to explore the Dram of the Week.

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2014 Was an Exciting and Delicious Year in Queens

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Via Facebook

Queens residents, depending on their inclination, either groaned or cheered earlier this month when Lonely Planet named the borough its top destination in the U.S.A. Like it or not, the area is no longer an underdog. Looking back on 2014, though, it seems unlikely -- at least for now -- that Queens will go the way of hyper-developed, hyper-expensive Brooklyn. For every celebrity chef who opened a slick new spot, there's also a beloved local turning out affordable eats from the far corners of the globe. Here's our look back at our favorite food happenings of the year.

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Maria Loi 'Wants Everyone to Go Greek' With The Greek Diet

All photos courtesy Key Group Worldwide
Maria Loi loves her homeland. As the official Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy, as designated by worldwide culinary organization the Chef's Club of Greece, she makes frequent TV appearances and has authored more than 36 cookbooks and 150 articles in magazines -- and her work on ancient Greek dining was the sole official volume of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Since migrating to NYC, she's opened Loi Restaurant (203 West 70th Street; 212-875-8600) and has cooked for President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and 250 White House guests. The sassy chef, who's sometimes called the "Martha Stewart of Greece," recently released her latest treatise, The Greek Diet: Look and Feel Like a Greek God or Goddess and Lose up to Ten Pounds in Two Weeks with health journalist Sarah Toland.

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