Set Your Clocks Straight With Hopsomniac IPA

Jill Vaccaro
"There goes the sun," the Beatles famously sang...Oh wait, no they didn't. Because no one wants to see less sunshine -- save for vampires, goth kids, and the sadist ninnies who enjoy setting their clocks back this weekend. Sure, they'll say, the extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning will be swell. But it's all downhill from there. Starting next week, you can expect afternoons of early-onset darkness to help get you through those final few exhausting hours in the office. That's certainly nothing to sing about.

It doesn't mean we can't drink to it, however. There is a beer for that. It's Captain Lawrence's brand new Hopsomniac IPA, brewed with Stumptown cold brew coffee. And it's this week's Beer in the Headlights.

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Experience Celebrity Chefs and Southern Flavor Over a Weekend in Washington DC

Categories: Excursions

All photos by Adam Robb
Find DC's best fried chicken in an unassuming basement at Boss Shepherd's
Need to get out of town for a weekend? This column highlights food vacations you can explore in your two days off of work. For more getaways, check out our archives.

The only thing elected officials in Washington DC tackle less than good governance is the capital's booming dining scene. Here, it's easier to get a table at some of the nation's best bars and restaurants than it is an appointment with your local congressman. Ride the Acela to its southern terminus for the weekend, and you'll find can't-miss outposts from a bastion of New York-unfriendly celebrity chefs, including Jose Andres, Michel Richard, and Wolfgang Puck; the most succulent lard-fried chicken; and a row of historic Shaw storefronts turned cocktail bars.

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This Is Why New York's Craft Spirits Scene Is Booming

Categories: Booze News

Van Brunt via Facebook
It's not often that we see creatives and the government come together to make positive change, but the farm beverage laws are beautiful examples of such a phenomenon. Farm brewery, distillery, winery, and cidery regulations all went through significant revisions in 2012, thanks to Governor Cuomo. In 2013 and 2014, those changes began to take effect, and now, new drinking holes and stellar drams are the enjoyable result of the loosened statutes.

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Brooklyn Winery's Harvest is in Full Swing: Get a First-Hand Look at Urban Winemaking

Categories: Wine

Courtesy Brooklyn Winery
Wineries usually elicit images of gently sloping hills covered with twisting vines of grapes -- not brownstones with garbage strewn out front. But wine can be made in any setting. Set just a short walk from the Bedford L stop, Brooklyn Winery (213 North 8th Street, Williamsburg; 347-763-1506) makes wines right in the heart of Brooklyn. Right now, it's in the midst of harvest, which means you can watch the entire process from start to finish.

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Three Restaurants That Opened in NYC This Week

Thumbnail image for upland.jpg
When one restaurant's doors close, another's open in fast-paced New York City, and every Friday we'll fill you in on what opened up around town this week. This week: a gastropub in Astoria, a veggie-focused restaurant in Williamsburg, and a California-inspired spot from Stephen Starr.

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This Weekend's Five Best Food Events

Horchata via Facebook

Plans all set for Halloween? Avoid feeling like a zombie the rest of the weekend by checking out these five events.

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The 10 Best Candy Shops in NYC

Categories: Our 10 Best

Ashley Hoffman

If you've got a sweet tooth, you probably don't need much of an excuse to go stock up on all the major candy food groups: candy corn (veggies), gummies (fruit,) nostalgic chocolate (dairy), chocolate with nuts (protein), and marshmallow-y things (oxygen). New York City's best candy shops offer those options and more, from candy-encased alcohol to Oreo-filled chocolate brains. Tell yourself you're buying these things for the kids, or the office, if you must. We won't tell anyone that you plan to wolf all that candy down yourself. Here are the 10 best candy shops in NYC.

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Dan Pashman's New Book Instructs You How to Eat More Better

Lilia Cretcher for The Sporkful
All photos courtesy Simon & Schuster
"If life contains a finite number of meals, and a meal contains a finite number of bites, you can only take so many bites before you're full and/or dead," Dan Pashman says in his new tome, Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious. "A bite is a precious resource. It pains me to think of all the thoughtless eating that takes place across the world each day. So many mouthfuls meld together into one big, blah bolus we'll never get back. But let us not grieve for the bites that could have been. Let us instead look ahead, to those that are yet to be."

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Meet the Man Behind the First Mexican Restaurant to Win a Michelin Star

Paloma Cacho-Sousa
Last month, when the Michelin Guide bestowed its coveted stars, four Queens restaurants were included among the honorees. One of them, Casa Enrique (5-48 49th Avenue, Queens; 347-448-6040), is a first-time recipient, as well as New York's only Mexican restaurant to garner a star. Its Chiapas-born chef, Cosme Aguilar, originally cooked at Casa Enrique's sister restaurant, Café Henri, before bringing his stellar albóndigas, enchiladas, and cochinito to Long Island City. We spoke to him about the transition from French to Mexican cuisine, the trouble with customers who don't like spice, and the inspiration he takes from treasured family recipes.

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Where to Find Authentic Polish Treats Near the Bedford L Stop

Richard and Christian Podedworny
With a softball-sized jelly doughnut in hand, a Polish construction worker sat on a bench next to a hurried Brooklyn mom typing away on her phone, with child, stroller, and yoga mat in tow. Inside the shop they were perched next to, a crowd of Eastern Europeans mixed with twenty- and thirtysomethings with well-worn Barbour jackets; each was ordering coffee and something else. "Dzień dobry. Let me have three blueberry cheese danishes," a customer said.

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