Slurp Porky Noodles and Eat Fried Dumplings at the New Pan-Asian Bashi Channel

All photos Zachary Feldman for The Village Voice
After decades spent shaping Brooklyn's dining scene with numerous venues (many of which were short-lived), veteran restaurateur Jim Mamary finally struck a chord with Oxcart Tavern, the gastropub he opened with chef David Pitula five years ago in Ditmas Park. Hoping to replicate that success, the duo recently opened Bashi Channel (1120 Cortelyou Road, no phone yet) along the western edge of the neighborhood's thoroughfare on Cortelyou Road.

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Walk Above the Bedford L and Get in Line for Delicious Falafel

Categories: Middle Eastern

Ihab Jibril, a guy who knows falafel
A white-haired woman wearing red Converse leans on the counter at Oasis (161 North 7th Street, Brooklyn; 718-218-7607) and says, "Oh, I guess I'll have it here. Otherwise, I'll just eat it walking home." It was 11 p.m. Dozens of feet below us, the Bedford train was pulling into the station, although no rumble could be felt inside this Williamsburg institution.

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Try Shaking a Pisco Sour for Some Grape on Grape on Grape Action

Categories: Alcohol, Cocktails

Billy Lyons
Pisco Sour at The Late Late

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Ready for Toon? Try This Unusually Tasty Chinese Delicacy Now Before It's Gone

Paul Wagtouicz
"Toon is more than an ingredient to me," says Jonathan Wu, the chef and partner at Fung Tu (22 Orchard St., 212-219-8785) "It's personal."

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Taste the Tangy Habanero Chicken That LoLo's Chef Raymond Mohan Craves

Gabrielle Pedriani
Chicken Dibe at La Savane in Harlem
At LoLo's Seafood Shack (303 West 116th Street, 646-649-3356), chef Raymond Mohan's specialty is Caribbean-style seafood like conch fritters, steamed crawfish pots, and crisp shark sandwiches. But on his day off, Mohan explores the breadth of cuisines in his Harlem neighborhood, often landing at nearby La Savane (239 West 116th Street; 646-484-5293).

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Whisk Back to 1915 Midtown Manhattan and Enjoy a Cold One at Tanner Smith's

Photo Keven Doherty
Cocktail setup at Tanner Smith's
It may seem bold to name your bar after a century-old felon, but for Andrew Schulman, the manager and operator behind Tanner Smith's (204 West 55th Street; 646-590-2034), the inspiration far exceeds any brutish allure.

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Wild Fiddlehead Ferns Taste Like Pure Green -- Get Some Now

Fiddlehead Ferns
Katherine Knowles for the Village Voice
The fiddlehead micro-season is here, so get them now before they all unfurl into the fronds of ostrich ferns.

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Get Excited About New York African Restaurant Week

Categories: African, Events

All photos courtesy African Restaurant Week
Dish from African Restaurant Week 2014

According to Akin Akinsanya, it's a good time to be eating African cuisine in New York City. "Chefs are getting a lot more creative and are trying new things," he says. Which is why three years ago he founded New York African Restaurant Week. From May 31 to June 14, more than 30 restaurants from four boroughs will be on hand to offer three-course prix fixe meals, most priced at $28.95.

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Find Authentic, Spice-Infused Azerbaijani Cuisine in Brooklyn

All photos Sara Ventiera for the Village Voice
Lyulya Kebab a la Baku ($18.90)
Tucked up against the Caspian Sea between Armenia, Iran, Georgia, and Russia, Azerbaijan has a unique blend of cultural influences, each of which has left its mark on the food. Down in South Brooklyn, in the neighborhoods around Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay, there's an Azerbaijani enclave, with a handful of restaurants specializing in the cuisine. Baku Palace (2001 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-615-4700) is the best known.

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Learn the Story of Pop-Up Umi Bushwick and Go Eat Bunwiches

All photos by Billy Lyons for the Village Voice
Umi Bushwick, a pop-up specializing in Asian-style buns, is now open.
Though New York is no stranger to late-night eateries, a new summer pop-up in Bushwick aims to offer a different kind of social-eating experience, one that goes beyond guessing what ingredients the Halal Guys use in their white sauce. Umi Bushwick (214 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn), a new Asian-style bun shop operating out of the Sweet & Shiny Bakery, is a project started by NYU students Renal Sun and Phoebe Tran, who aren't shy about discussing where their buns come from, mostly because there is a story behind each one.

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