DIY: Cranberry Orange Relish Redux

All photos courtesy Brad Japhe
So the Big Meal is almost upon us. You're a Thanksgiving house guest and you haven't even prepared a dish to bring?! Of course not. Because procrastination is as American as Turkey Day itself. I know what you were thinking; just pick up a cheap bottle of wine or a six pack from the local bodega on the way. But you're better than that. Here's a last second dish that involves five minutes with a Cuisinart and a few ingredients that you possibly already have in your refrigerator. No fuss, no muss: Cranberry-Orange Relish Redux.

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Have a Taste of Farm-to-Table Vegetarian Fare at Buttermilk Channel

Categories: Veggielante

Rancho Gordo heirloom bean stew at Buttermilk Channel | Tara Mahadevan

The Carroll Gardens restaurant Buttermilk Channel (524 Court Street, 718-852-8490) is named after the one mile tidal strait that sits between Brooklyn -- near the Gowanus Expressway -- and Governor's Island. There are a few stories behind the name, but the favorite is that when the neighborhoods were mostly farmland, dairy farmers would ferry across the channel to sell their milk in Manhattan. The Buttermilk Channel's current was said to be so powerful that it could churn the famers' milk into butter.

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Lower East Side's 151 Redefines the Dive

Categories: Behind the Bar

151's facebook page
All the way back in 2006--before we even had iPhones--Alex Day and Dave Kaplan opened Death & Co. in the East Village. The now iconic mecca of mixology helped usher in an era of elaborate cocktails served at elegant outposts with nondescript exteriors. Earlier this year the duo took over 151 Rivington in the LES. At their newly revamped 151 (151 Rivington; 212-228-4139), the duo is hoping to do for dive bars what they've already done for speakeasies. What does that mean, precisely? Let's ask Alex Day, himself.

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The Best Momo in New York is in the Back of a Mobile Phone Store in Queens

Categories: Video

On Saturday, November 22, nearly 700 New Yorkers came to Jackson Heights, Queens in search of dumplings.

Using a map that marked each of the 17 different places in the neighborhood that sells momos, the eaters later voted on the winning restaurant that would receive the momo trophy. Winning this third-annual contest was Lhasa Fast Food, which is in the back of a Tibetan Mobile (37-50 74th St., Queens, 718-205-2339.)

"This is one of the most rewarding things that I do," says Momo Crawl organizer Jeff Orlick. "I'm very happy to help a new immigrant community...The momo is an incredible ambassador to the culture."

Watch the video for more on momos.

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Recipe: Here's Why Bartenders Like Micaela Piccolo Love the Paper Plane

Categories: Good Call

Thumbnail image for paperplaneflickr.jpg
Courtesy Tom Iprl/Flickr
The paper plane -- the tall one -- flies high when it comes to simple but great cocktails

Sick of your usual call drink? Try something new. In this series, we're asking the city's bartenders to name their current drinks of choice. Check out our Good Call archives for another round.

Today's call comes by way of Micaela Piccolo, head bartender at Distilled (211 West Broadway; 212-601-9514).

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Shopping for Cru Beaujolais: Where to Buy it and Drink it

Categories: Unscrewed

Lauren Mowery
If yesterday's article on Cru Beaujolais piqued your interest, you've still got time to grab a few bottles for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast.

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Jackson Heights Mexican Restaurant Maravillas Is Marvelous

Categories: ¡Oye! Comida

The steam table shines inside Maravillas (37-64 90th Street, Queens; 718-507-5678), a Mexican restaurant in Jackson Heights that keeps the lights dimmed low. "Somos los Maravillosos en Comida Casera" says the menu. This means, "We are marvelous with homestyle food," which is certainly true of the soups and stews, braises, and anything saucey.

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This Weekend's Five Best Food Events

Categories: Events

Courtesy Robicelli's/Facebook
Deals on cupcakes and more can be found at Robicelli's on Small Business Saturday

Need an excuse to avoid going to the mall this weekend? Here are five, all of which promise to be much more fun than waiting in line for a Black Friday sale.

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Merci, Beau Cru: This Thanksgiving, Try a Little Cru Beaujolais With Your Turkey

Categories: Unscrewed

Lauren Mowery

Last week, a Beaujolais disciple emailed to say he would sic Ted Cruz on me if I recommend anything other than 'merican wines on Thanksgiving, and this guy loves Gamay (and is a Canadian). But at the risk of offending patriotic readers (and inviting that Texas hound to track me down), I am committing to the following statement: Drink Cru Beaujolais on Thanksgiving.

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Nothing but Amore for GG's, Bobby Hellen's Über-Pizzeria in the East Village

All photos by Bradley Hawks
For all the efforts by food luminaries to educate our national palate, Americans still have largely uncomplicated, nostalgic appetites. Thanks to the work of Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman, I haven't been this aware of vegetables since I was forced to finish mine before being excused from the table. But even with our patchwork microcosm of cultures and cuisines, New York City shares in these predilections. Rising-star restaurateur Nick Morgenstern spent this past spring captivating the city with an ice cream parlor, so it's fitting -- and fortuitous -- that come fall, he set his sights on revamping the New York pizzeria.

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