12 Ways to Celebrate Easter 2014 in NYC

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Sweetwater Social
Just about any restaurant that serves brunch in this city is doing something special for Easter, so pick a favorite and make a reservation. Here, we've rounded up a dozen unique ways to celebrate, from a boozy Easter egg hunt to an all-lamb dinner.

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PDT's Jim Meehan: "You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It"

Jonathan Mannion
In this interview, PDT's (113 St. Marks Place, 212-614-0386) Jim Meehan reveals his stance on trends, why he wants you to order from the menu, and where he plans on drinking next.

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The Five Best Things We Ate This Week

Our edible escapades this week turned us on to a worthy brisket substitute at one of NYC's most popular Texas barbecue joints, a killer grilled cheese sandwich, and some addictive babaghanoush. Behold, the five best things we ate this week.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Flushing

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It's no secret that the outer boroughs are home to some of the meltiest parts of New York's vast cultural and culinary crockpot. Like socarrat -- the crunchy bits of rice at the bottom of the paella pan -- the tastiest morsels are on the edges, hidden beneath layers of bomba rice, or in Flushing's case, the 7 train. The Queens neighborhood boasts an impressive array of cuisines, with a notable East and Southeast Asian presence, many of which are among our favorite restaurants of their kind in the city. In fact, as one of the eating-est neighborhoods in town, it was next to impossible to whittle the list down to just 10 -- so here are our "10" best restaurants in Flushing, a list you'll note contains a number of ties.

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This Week's Four Best Happy Hour Specials

Courtesy Isola Trattoria and Crudo Bar
Live the high life for less during happy hour at Isola at the Mondrian SoHo
Need a post-tax day drink? Or craving a plate of bratwurst now that it's grilling season? This week's happy hour specials offer both, plus a suggestion on where to head if you've got hours to kill on a cool April day.

See more happy hour specials in our archives.

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Q&A: The Arepa Lady Gets a Permanent Location

Colombia native Maria Cano is a former judge, but she's better known to late night Queens diners as the Arepa Lady. Her food cart under the 7 train on Roosevelt Avenue is famous for the golden, cheesy, salty-sweet arepas it has been doling out since 1990. But the arepas haven't always been easy to come by: the cart is open only on particular nights, from about 10:30 p.m. to 4 a.m., and only in warm weather.

Until now: Cano and several family members who help out with the business are opening a brick-and-mortar store, due to debut at Roosevelt Avenue and 77th Street next month. We spoke with Cano's son, Alejandro, about the transition to restaurant ownership, and how Maria came to be one of the most beloved vendors in the city.

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Eye Candy From Myung San, This Week's Reviewed Restaurant

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All photos by Bradley Hawks
Flushing's Myung San (162-21 Depot Road, Queens, 718-888-1245) is known for fermentation, Zachary Feldman learns when he stops in for this week's review and dips into cheonggukjang, otherwise known as dead body soup. "When more than two tables order the soup -- with its musty, rust-colored kimchi broth murky with bean paste and punctuated by cubes of semi-firm tofu -- walking into the spare 26-seat space feels akin, at least olfactorily, to entering a shipping container that doubles as a poorly ventilated hot yoga class for Medieval Times knights," he writes. "But then you take a deep breath, unsheathe your individually wrapped silverware bearing the restaurant's name, and plunge spoon-first into a world of fermented funk."

How was it? Check out this eye candy from Bradley Hawks, then head on over and read Feldman's full review.

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Weed Eaters: Stoner Food Isn't Just Blowing Smoke

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Jeff Drew
Click for larger version, man.
Think of the craziest plate of food that might work as an actual dish. Consider the components, the flavors, the interplay among them. A work of art in early spring bounty. And we're not talking some boring variation on beet-ramp-blood orange-lamb shank here: Find the third path, the one that leads to something new. Something never tasted before.

Food Network chef Justin Warner founded his Bed-Stuy restaurant, Do or Dine, on the premise of "Fine Diving" — or in layman's terms, "great, crazy, unabashed food, with little or no pretension."

Or, as many are calling it, stoner food.

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Our Five Best Cheap Eats This Week

Thumbnail image for francelaveggies.jpg
Laura Shunk
Tax Day no doubt left at least a few of you feeling a little bit poorer, and it's for you especially this week that we present a list of five great NYC restaurants where you can eat for less than $10. Nothing striking your fancy? Check out our Cheap Eats archives for more ideas.

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How Small, Immigrant-Owned Taquerias Are Weathering the Lime Shortage

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Scarlett Lindeman
A multitude of factors have converged to contribute to the drastic lime shortage in the United States this month. Thanks to citrus blight, erratic weather, and inner-state narco politics in Mexico, the price of the little green citrus fruits has skyrocketed, prompting the public to reconsider the ubiquity of an everyday commodity. What is a bowl of pho, a gin and tonic, or a taco without a squeeze of lime?

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