Soft Spot Owner Brings Kilo Bravo, a New Neighborhood Bar, to Williamsburg

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Kilo Bravo via Facebook
Kilo Bravo owners
When Kate Buenaflor opened Soft Spot in Williamsburg nine years ago, it became a neighborhood bar to a very different kind of neighborhood. "There wasn't a whole lot of things going on," she says. "I shopped at a bodega. Having a bar here back then was so much fun -- there wasn't anyone here. Soft Spot is a reliable, friendly, neihborhood spot. Our early customers were regulars because there was nowhere else to go."

Since then, she says, she's enjoyed watching the neighborhood change exponentially. Now, she's getting ready to open Kilo Bravo (108 North 10th Street, Brooklyn), a new neighborhood bar, with business partner and friend Richard DeVore, and she hopes it will serve the needs of current Williamsburg denizens.

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Taqueria Izucar's Suadero Tacos, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes

Dish no. 44: Suadero tacos from Taqueria Izucar (1503 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-456-0569)

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Bathtub Gin's John McCarthy's Ode to the Real Daiquiri

Categories: Good Call

Courtesy John McCarthy/Cedar Local
A real daiquiri

Sick of your usual call drink? Try something new. In this series, we're asking the city's bartenders to name their current drinks of choice. Check out our Good Call archives for another round.

Today's call comes by way of John McCarthy of Bathtub Gin (132 Ninth Avenue; 646-559-1671) and Cedar Local (25 Cedar Street; 212-344-3467).

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Ogle This Eye Candy From Williamsburg's Delaware and Hudson

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All photos by Bradley Hawks
"A fiddle twanged in the background as my dining partner and I looked over our menus at Delaware and Hudson," writes Zachary Feldman in this week's restaurant review. Patti Jackson's Williamsburg restaurant, he explains, channels the mid-Atlantic by way of Italy, giving a sturdier definition, at least, to New American cuisine in the process.

How is the food? Take a look at Bradley Hawks' photos, and then read the full review to find out.

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Corkbuzz Expands to Chelsea Market

Categories: Unscrewed

Lauren Mowery

Chelsea Market continues to evolve into a one-stop shop for artisanal food and drink with its expanded list of night time venues that fit neatly into the market's concept. The most recent addition delivers a much needed wine bar to the area courtesy of master sommelier Laura Maniec. Hitting home with her first venture Corkbuzz Wine Studio near Union Square, the second incarnation, Corkbuzz Wine Bar (75 Tenth Avenue, 646-237-4847), opened its doors just four weeks ago, and it has already been overrun with market shoppers and tourists in need of a crowd-coping buzz.

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Delaware and Hudson Tackles the Northeast Corridor by Way of Southern Italy

All photos by Bradley Hawks
Chef Patti Jackson gives New American cuisine a sense of purpose.
As Brooklyn spiritually inches closer to Manhattan's gilded coastline, it has inevitably lost some of the eclectic charm and character that contributed to the borough's branding. This summer, for instance, Williamsburg welcomed its first Starbucks, and a Top Chef winner now cooks in the penthouse of the neighborhood's Urban Outfitters. Despite the ascent of high-rises and the descent of national chains that are encroaching on the area, there are still oases of genuine bonhomie in this neck of the woods — and that's not hyperbole.

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Here's Why Big Bar Is the Best Dive Bar in the City

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Big Bar
Inside Big Bar
New York has become a place where we drink $15 cocktails without blinking, and we expect our ice to be of a certain look and shape. And in that environment, I like dive bars for the same reason I like leaving voicemails: they're personal, and they're old school.

Much like your favorite pair of jeans or your apartment's shower, the relationship between you and your regular dive bar is a highly personal one. It takes time, energy, trust, and finances to build that relationship, and with the best places, you pour your resources (and sometimes emotions) in, and the bar embraces you. It's not just a place to hang your coat, it's a second living room. This is why I imbibe most frequently in the East Village, despite the fact that I live in Brooklyn. And just like Seinfeld reruns or Revolver, my bar is always there for me when I need it. My bar is Big Bar (75 East 7th Street, 212 777-6969).

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Meat Market: Pat LaFrieda Reflects on Four Generations of Butchery

Categories: Chef Interviews

Nick Solares
When I meet Pat LaFrieda for lunch, I'm thrown for a moment. This man, part of the family behind Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, is perhaps the best-known butcher in the country (or at least, in our part of the country), supplier of beef to the the city's top restaurants, and creator of hamburger blends that sometimes command more attention than the restaurants that serve them. But he doesn't look like a butcher. He's tall and fit, and in his blue collared button down and (presumably) expensive jeans, he looks more like the type of executive who's become accustomed to playing by his own rules.

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Joseph Smith of Bobby Van's Brings Old School Philosophy to the Brand New BV's Grill

Billy Lyons
BV's Grill isn't just about steak, though you can find a great cut here if desired

In the hospitality business, common sense tells us that every customer should be treated with tender care. Unfortunately, "common sense isn't all that common," according to long time restaurateur Joseph Smith, who's latest endeavor BV's Grill (919 Third Avenue; 212-935-6800) marks his and his partners' tenth restaurant in New York.

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Maialino's Caprese, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes


Dish no. 45: Caprese from Maialino (2 Lexington Avenue, 212-777-2410)

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