Here's What You'll Eat at Choice Streets

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Luke's Lobster via Facebook
In just under two weeks, on Wednesday, May 7, a fleet of the city's best food trucks will take over the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex on Pier 86 (West 46th Street and Twelfth Avenue), where they'll dole out stellar tastes of their wares to the crowds. Have you purchased your ticket to Choice Streets yet? General Admission gets a taste from each truck plus unlimited booze; an Early Entry fare gets you access half an hour before the event officially starts -- which means less waiting in lines.

To further entice you -- or, perhaps, to give you a taste of what you'll be enjoying, if you've already sprung for a ticket -- we present this year's menu of tastes, which features everything from rendang chicken to shrimp rolls to ice cream sandwiches.

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How Milk & Honey Bartenders Determine What You Want to Drink

Milk & Honey's Gil Bouhana
In this interview, Milk & Honey's (30 East 23rd Street) Gil Bouhana discusses his appreciation for rum, why shortcuts will fail you, and why he's old-school at heart.

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The Five Best Things We Ate This Week

Northern Spy via Facebook
Spring made an impact on our dining decisions this week, and we finally felt ready to cast off the heavy meats of summer for the produce and seafood we crave in the warmer months. The best things we ate this week include a platter of artichokes, a whole-roasted fish, and a cookie, for good measure.

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La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels Now Pouring in Nolita

All photos by Noah Fecks
When Romée de Goriainoff, Olivier Bon, Pierre-Charles Cros, Xavier Padovani, and Benjamin Sormonte opened their first Experimental Cocktail Club in Paris, they were attempting to bring a bit of New York City innovation to the City of Light. "Eight years ago, there was no cocktail bar in Paris," says Sormonte. "The only cocktails you could drink were in a hotel, and usually they were a mojito or piña colada. We brought the concept of the speakeasy from New York to Paris." And later back to New York, when the partners opened an Experimental Cocktail Club here on the border of the Lower East Side and Nolita.

Now, they've brought Paris to New York with their new wine bar La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels (249 Centre Street), which started pouring earlier this week.

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Take a Trip Down Pizza Memory Lane With the New York Pizza Project

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All photos by The New York Pizza Project
Pizza's roots are ingrained in this city's history, and now The New York Pizza Project, a Kickstarter-funded book, aims to capture the stories and scenes behind New York's neighborhood pizzerias. Project member Ian Manheimer explained that the book, which started as a series of casual weekend jaunts three years ago and blossomed into this crowd-sourced adventure, raised its funding goal of $15,000 in 24 hours. With three weeks to go, they've already hit $20,000. Pizza lover and fellow group member Gabe Zimmer took time to discuss the group's origins, underrated slice shops, and the scope of the project.

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Here's What You'll Eat at Barchetta, the New Chelsea Seafood Restaurant From Fish Wizard Dave Pasternack

All photos by Laura Shunk
Dave Pasternack has spent years as a chef and partner at lauded fish house Esca, and this week, he's opening another restaurant, this one without the help of Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali: Barchetta (461 West 23rd Street, 212-255-7400), the new Chelsea seafood restaurant that usurped the former Bistro La Promenade address, will make its debut tomorrow, April 24.

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How Are the New Breakfast Items at Taco Bell?

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All photos by Scarlett Lindeman
If you are of the sort that derives amusement from the ever-changing permutations of modern, fast-food restaurant menus, then Taco Bell's new breakfast roll-out probably caught your eye. Late last month, in an attempt to capture a portion of the early morning market, Taco Bell (785 Flushing Avenue, 718-218-9715) added a host of breakfast items to its line-up, including a taco fashioned out of a waffle and an A.M. version of its popular Crunchwrap.

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These Are This Week's Four Best Happy Hour Specials in NYC

Courtesy Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant
This bank is giving out deals...of the drink variety
Start budgeting better by taking advantage of this week's cheap drink specials. If that's not enticing enough, perhaps $5 wine, cheap craft brews, or the simple comfort of boozing with like minded individuals will get you out and about.

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Tabata Noodle Opens a Third Location in Hell's Kitchen

Thumbnail image for ramtabata1.jpg
Tabata launched as a non-descript ramen joint on one of the least picturesque corners of Hell's Kitchen, under the overpass on West 39th Street and Ninth Avenue, but it quickly garnered our favor for its unique bowls of noodle soup. Last year, a second Tabata opened just a couple of blocks away, this one specializing in grab-and-go fare and aimed at midtown office workers and Penn Station commuters.

Now, the duo becomes a trio with a third outlet at 245 West 51st Street, which will host its grand opening this Friday.

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Here Are Five Great Rhubarb Dishes in NYC

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Red Rooster Harlem
The Swedish Cloud at Red Rooster Harlem

There's no sign more indicative that spring has sprung than catching a glimpse of rhubarb on menus, and after the winter New York just faced, we've never been more amped to see it. Chefs swear by the vegetable's chameleon-esque charm in the kitchen: Its flavor ranges from tangy and bitter to bright and sweet, and its cinnamon red markings benefit every plate it touches. Here are just five ways that chefs across town are highlighting the punchy perennial.

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