Pix from the Roosevelt Food Court

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 In conjunction with my review of the newly opened Roosevelt Food Court in Flushing, here are some porny pictures of the food served there.


Af stall B5, find "scallion pie with beef," a favorite of Shandong province that consists of a flaky scallion pancake wrapped around spears of cucumber and five-spice beef.


At the Sichuan stall, A3, regale yourself with crunchy pig ear in red chile oil, or


mellow Sichuanese pork sausage, or


Homemade mung-jelly noodles heaped with red chiles (left) and tendon in chile oil with Sichuan peppercorns and peanuts (right).


The neat mis-en-place at stall B3 is used to assemble soups such as


this one, which can be had with a selection of noodles. The proprietors are from Liaoning.


Also associated with Liaoning is the miraculous shar bing, a pork-stuffed pancake served with a soy-laced hot sauce. Find it at stall A5.


The Taiwanese (stalls A1-A2) are responsible for this rice-starch pudding topped with scrumptious ground pork and pickles.


From the same double stall swims a red fish pastry stuffed with red bean paste. Unfortunately, my dining companions wolfed if down before I could reach it to take a photo. It's that good.

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