Incredibly Cheap Eats -- Potato and Egg Hero


The little treat I like to call the "Fuck You Dr.  Atkins" sandwich

The Italian-American potato-and-egg and pepper-and-egg heroes are the stuff of culinary legend, roughly equivalent to the sainted New Orleans po' boy that comes stuffed only with french fries. Or the sandwich at Primantii's in Pittsburgh that features grilled pastrami, cole slaw, and french fries tucked between two slices of bread.


The above sandwich is served piping hot, stuffing a well-browned omelet and a casserole of potatoes, slivers of sweet pepper, and onions into a crusty baguette. The cost for this dreadnought is a mere $5, and you can easily split it with a friend. Though not on the official menu, it's always available at Anthony & Son Fruit & Deli, 433 Graham Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-383-7395 

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