Fish Taco Food Porn


Fish, especially cheap fish tacos, might not seem the most likely candidate for food porn, but to me they are thing of pure beauty. The crisp cabbage, the bright red and green salsas, the rainbow of trimmings. With my Baja salsa research expedition over, I'm spending Monday back in New York hungry for fish tacos, with nothing to satiate me but my pictures.  Above, a shrimp quesadilla fully loaded.  More after the jump.


A little smoked marlin number on la plancha. Marlin are typically caught and released for sport, but they also make a pretty delicious taco. Not sure how guilty I should feel about it.


When a cerveza can't be had (and it couldn't at this taqueria), cool hibiscus water is the next best thing.


You had me at ceviche.


And then you topped it with perfectly messy little petals of avocado.


The chaos of the fist taco plate becomes a thing of beauty. Note the plate covered by the plastic bag, seemingly all the rage amongst the Baja taco stands. Certainly not environmentally friendly, but clean, and easy to clean.

It's almost over. All that remains is one last fried pepper and some pico.

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